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V Shred is fitness, nutrition, and supplement brand that offers you a diet and training plan according to your body type. The programs are mostly based on exercise, but they also focus on diet and use supplements. Unfortunately there is a lot of negative reviews and red flags.

Main advantages

  • Comprehensive fitness plans for a variety of health goals
  • Most plans include dietary information
  • Generous refund policy
  • Programs offered as both one-time purchases and subscription deals
  • HIIT can burn fat efficiently
  • Bodyweight exercises to maintain muscles and shred fat

Main disadvantages

  • Lots of user complaints that the plan is too simple and not unique
  • You are pressured to purchase additional products
  • Extreme fat loss isn’t exactly safe
  • No macronutrient focus
  • Really, really salesy
  • Semi-repetitive

Expert reviews

52 %

V Shred Reviews

2.6 out of 5 based on 2,448 reviews

Macie: I’ve been following Vince with VShred for a few years now as I’ve been fluctuating through my weight loss/getting back health and fit journey.
I’ve learned quite a bit from him and I’m very thankful, and I’m super excited now that I’ve finally decided to become part of the tribe and get off this plateau that I’ve been stuck on. I get so much inspiration and motivation from his videos to get up and get moving, thank you so much to his team for all the support and help along the way as well super sweet customer service.

Max: Had a bit of an issue with checkout but I reached out to customer support and they solved my issue within the night. Very happy with that kind of service and excited to try the products I’ve ordered.

Paul: What’s going on with all those reviews? I’ve got the fat loss extreme program with bonus big arms and six pack srhed or so.. I have delayed my start for FOUR Years and started almost 2 months ago. I dropped from 107.4kg to 103kg so far so the program obviously works. Only 20min a day 4 times a week. I like how Vince motivates you, gives you tips while you working out on follow along videos. Dieting page is a bit messy so I’ve got my diet from different source. Thanks to the vshred app which calculated my macros for me. Everything else is great. Could do more follow along vids!

Steph: Signed up on August 2,2022. Took few days to hear from a trainer after zoom link didn’t work. Took four days to receive anything from the trainer regarding nutrition and exercise plan. In the meantime I injured my shoulder again. Which means I can’t do most of the exercises. Since I’ve done this before I know I’m unable to workout for 8-10months. Still have not spoken to a trainer so I requested to stop program. They refuse to cancel service and stop the payments that will start in September. I have not even started the program and they won’t stop the service after 72hrs signing up. Even though, you don’t hear from anyone for 4 days.

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76 %

Reccomendation and reviews V Shred

3.8 out of 5 based on 525 reviews

Tessa: Such a scam! Their sales video and results extremely misleading. The result photos are actually from their $2000 program and not the $57 one they are selling you. I went and also got the custom meal plan up sell and got emailed a generic meal plan that didn’t even take into consideration that I asked for mainly vegan meals (every meal has fish!). When I emailed my trainer with edits I would like to make as was the guarantee when I purchased this “custom” plan I didn’t even receive a response. When I emailed their support address with my complaints the email kept bouncing back, same for the contact form on the website. Absolute money hungry machine, no humans involved unless it’s on a sales call. I’m disgusted. Steer clear!

Diane: Was hoping for personal recommendations and support in addition to meal ideas and custom workouts for my age and level. What I received was 2 sets of cookie cutter exercises, meant to be repeated over an entire month. Several were too advanced for me. Dave, the trainer. made one revision which wasn’t significantly different, and wasn’t able to revise the original plan available in my account, but required sending by email. The one-week meal plan, which is expected to be repeated over the month as well, was so basic and poorly put together it was depressing. The “recipes” were bland and simplistic, and little thought was put into the daily combinations Worst of all, I only heard from my trainer when I joined and to send the revised exercise. I never heard from him again – not one check in for over three weeks. I did get multiple group solicitation emails to buy supplements, however. I signed up for training to help with motivation and accountability, not a list of generic exercises I could find anywhere, and an unsustainable computer- generated meal plan. Total waste of money and seriously disappointed.

Samantha: Worst company ever. One week later no response to my emails. I don’t have a login. Took my money within a minute of submitting but no response after that. Will never recommend this.

Shane: If the program doesn’t work for you, like it didn’t for me, good luck on getting a refund. They tell you full money back but it never comes.

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Reccomendation and reviews V Shred [online]. https://www.facebook.com/thevinsanityshred/reviews
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It would be impossible to go through every single bit of VShred nutrition content and debunk or fact check it all. But from everything I’ve shown you, hopefully you’ll understand that a company that puts out what appears to be misinformation like this is probably doing it habitually. The bottom line is that I don’t recommend VShred for anyone.

Does VShred work? If it does, it’s because it’s low calorie and highly structured – not anything that most people can sustain for the long-term. The supplements appear to be overpromising on stuff they can’t possibly deliver. I’m not sure about the workouts – but if they’re not recommended by people who know their stuff, then I’d think twice about those, too. Read full review…

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V Shred

2.0 out of 5 based on 43 reviews

The V Shred program is fitness model and personal trainer Vince Sant’s solution to your workout woes. Many users experienced real results, but others thought the program was too expensive for its relatively generic advice.


  • Comprehensive fitness plans for a variety of health goals
  • Most plans include dietary information
  • Generous refund policy
  • Programs offered as both one-time purchases and subscription deals


  • Lots of user complaints that the plan is too simple and not unique
  • You are pressured to purchase additional products

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V Shred [online]. https://www.highya.com/v-shred-reviews
94 %

V Shred: Nutrition & Fitness Ratings and Reviews

4.7 out of 5 based on 56.1K ratings

Lorelle: I have been walking 6 miles everyday for a month and absolutely no results. I joined VShred because of Vince’s knowledge and information. He made everything easy to understand about the why and how. I have been using VShred for a month and I have lost 8 lbs. The recipes are wonderful and the supplements. I really like how Vince personally explains how and why each supplement works. I have been doing so many little things wrong for so long. He has truly changed my life. I also absolutely love the program MOVE. It’s great to see Vince in action and get personal tutorials on exactly the right way to do the exercises. I was doing some of them wrong. I downloaded the app also and that is so easy to use. I am without my computer for awhile so I can get everything on the app I have been using. I can’t say enough about this program. Vince, you have thought of literally everything!!!!! Thank you for having your advertisement on Snapchat. That is my only social media I use. And I only use it with family. I never would have discovered this treasure without it.

Deej: The content in this app is great, but the user interface could use an upgrade. I’m not sure if the app was designed for a tablet and I’m just using the wrong size device (iPhone 7), but the user experience is not great. I’m a beginner when it comes to working out, and I think I’m like most people in that I’m a visual learner. The descriptions of the workouts can be difficult to visualize. A video or graphic representation of the workouts would be very helpful. At the workout home page, the description says that I can click some button to see a video of the workout, but said button was nowhere to be found. I paid good money for this experience, and as I said, the workout suggestions are good, but getting started is a poor experience because, for every exercise, I have to stop my workout and read the description and try to visualize the proper form. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, and this app is woefully lacking in pictures and videos. Vince, your intro video was awesome and convinced me to jump on the train, but if I hadn’t paid the money, I would have quit already out of frustration with the app. As I become familiar with the exercises, maybe I’ll like it more, so here’s to hoping. But if you’re new to this stuff like I am, be warned that this app will be frustrating to use at first.

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V Shred Review: All Programs & Supplements (Yikes)

V Shred products work in the same way Shake Weights strengthen the upper arms, carb cycling spurs fat loss, and dumbbell pullovers target the chest and lats.

Technically, yes, but there are literally dozens of other alternatives worth trying first.

Our main gripe with V Shred is that it undercuts virtually every other training out there, claiming they don’t work or require hours in the gym or an uber-restrictive diet (that is partially true). But then it fails to deliver on most of the marketing-heavy promises it makes.

If you buy into the calories in, calories out (CICO) theory, with a handful of studies backing the idea that a caloric deficit matters more than any macro split, the V Shred 90-Day Diet Plan can yield weight loss.

Yet, pretending that macros essentially don’t exist is V Shred flaw #1. If your physique goal is to get ripped or clean bulk, your body needs a more strategic macronutrient approach to build or maintain muscle, feel energized, and achieve a stable hormone balance.

V Shred is also so worried about ousting its competitors that it seemingly forgets to live up to its own promises. Much of what Sant promises on the sales page is sales garbage, like:

  • Not needing supplements, yet suggesting 13+ worth considering (from his own supplement brand, nonetheless) with minimal scientific evidence proving the why
  • Burning an insane amount of calories for 48 straight with thrice-weekly HIIT, yet ignoring research revealing that the calorie-burn plateaus after 14 hours and shreds only a few more calories per hour than baseline levels
  • Swearing he has the exact diet and macro formula to build the perfect physique, yet linking in the same-old 90-Day Diet Plan with no mention of macros, carb cycling, or TDEE until you complete the entire 90-day program
  • Suggesting you’ll lose 30–50 pounds in 90 days or build 17+ pounds of muscle in three months, yet charging you double-digits for totally “meh” programs that you could find for free literally anywhere else
  • Overpricing the supposedly “free” add-ons you’ll get if you buy now, yet smacking ridiculous $49–$149 price tags on the ad-heavy Supplement Guide or a corny psych-up guide (i.e., Clean Bulk’s “Training Your Mind” essentially says, “c’mon, bro”)
  • Offering two completely different programs between the gym and home workouts, varying between bodyweight circuits and regular resistance training, yet insisting you’re still progressing toward the same exact goal
  • Implying that everything in V Shred programs is what personal trainers or other fitness experts don’t want you to know, yet not delivering anything out-of-the-ordinary that could put the other pros out of business

To put it bluntly, no. While V Shred programs and supplements will build some muscle and shred some fat, it’s nowhere close to the miracles Vince Sant paints it as.

If you force somebody to read 5,000+ words of marketing material or charge them for a program that’s eternally on sale, promising it’ll change their lives, it better live up to that and then some.

V Shred does not work — at least not as described — for most users. *mic drop* Read full review…

V Shred Review: All Programs & Supplements (Yikes) - NOOB GAINS. We Help Fitness Beginners Transform Their Bodies [online]. https://www.noobgains.com/v-shred-review/

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