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Description Sgin laptop

The SGIN laptop is a 15.6-inch computer that offers a blend of performance and convenience. Key features of this product include:

  • Display comes with a 15.6-inch screen, providing a good balance between size and portability.
  • The laptop is equipped with 12GB of RAM, ensuring smooth multitasking and quick response times. It also features a 512GB SSD, offering ample storage space for files and applications. Additionally, it supports a 512GB TF card expansion for even more storage.
  • Includes various connectivity options such as HDMI, 2xUSB 3.0 ports, and a Micro SD card slot, allowing for easy connection to a range of peripherals and devices.
  • Often equipped with Intel Celeron processors, which are suitable for everyday tasks like web browsing, office work, and media consumption.
  • Designed to handle multi-application and multimedia workflows efficiently, making it suitable for both work and entertainment purposes.
  • Often boast decent battery life, allowing for several hours of use on a single charge, which is beneficial for users who need to work on the go.
  • SGIN laptops are generally targeted towards budget-conscious consumers, students, and professionals who need a reliable laptop for everyday tasks.
  • Offer a good balance between performance and cost, making them an attractive option for those who don’t require high-end computing power.

SGIN laptops are designed to cater to users looking for affordable, functional, and portable computing solutions. They are well-suited for everyday tasks, offering a combination of essential features, decent performance, and modern design at a competitive price point. However, for more resource-intensive tasks like gaming or video editing, users might need to look at higher-end models or other brands specializing in such requirements.

Illustrative image for the reviewed product Sgin laptop. Source: Dall-E.

Illustrative image for the reviewed product Sgin laptop. Source: Dall-E.

Last review update: 8. 1. 2024

Main advantages


  • Affordability: The laptop is highlighted for its budget-friendly price, making it an attractive option for cost-conscious consumers.
  • Good Performance for Basic Tasks: It is suitable for basic computing needs like emails, light work, streaming, and productivity tasks.
  • Lightweight and Portable: The design of the laptop is slim and light, making it an easy-to-carry device for users on the go.
  • Decent Battery Life: Users have noted the enduring battery life, which is beneficial for extended use without frequent charging.
  • User-Friendly Design: The laptop is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, catering to individuals with varying levels of tech expertise.
  • Good Storage Options: It comes with a solid-state drive (SSD), which offers faster data access and quicker boot times.
  • Positive Screen Quality Feedback: Some users have praised the screen quality, finding it clear and bright for general use.
  • Support for Windows Operating Systems: Unlike some budget laptops, the SGIN model supports Windows, which is a preferred OS for many users.

Main disadvantages

  • Limited Processing Power: The laptops, particularly those with Intel Celeron processors, may struggle with resource-intensive applications, making them less suitable for demanding tasks.
  • Variability in Display Quality: Some models of SGIN laptops may have inconsistencies in display quality, with issues in color accuracy and brightness levels noted by users.
  • Limited Model Range: The selection of SGIN laptop models is more restricted compared to larger, more established brands, offering fewer choices for consumers seeking diverse specifications.
  • Audio Quality Concerns: There have been reports from some users about the audio quality in certain SGIN laptop models, including low volume and distortion issues.
  • Durability and Longevity Issues: Users have reported problems with the laptops’ durability, with some units falling apart or experiencing technical failures within a short period.
  • Misleading Advertising: Some reviews indicate that the marketing and pricing strategies of SGIN laptops might be misleading, with inflated original prices to make discounts appear more attractive.
  • Battery Life: While not a universal issue, some users have mentioned that the battery life of certain SGIN laptops could be better, especially for those who need to use their laptops on the go.

Expert reviews

85 %

This powerful and reliable laptop costs a whopping $260 review from

Based on the details, it seems the Sgin 15.6-inch laptop is highly regarded. The review highlights its affordability, good performance with 4GB of RAM and a 128GB internal drive, and suitability for work and light gaming, though not for hardcore gaming. Reviewers seem satisfied, mentioning fast startup, good storage, and performance with various applications and games.

Considering these aspects, if I were to estimate a score based on the information you provided, I would rate the Sgin 15.6-inch laptop around 85% on a scale of 0% to 100%. This score reflects its strong performance in general use and value for money, though it acknowledges limitations in gaming capabilities.

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This powerful and reliable laptop costs a whopping $260 - that's more than 75% off on Black Friday [online]. [cited 08. 01. 2024]. Available from:


70 %

SGIN laptop review: what brand is SGIN? from

Based on the provided review of SGIN laptops, here’s a brief summary and a score for the product:

Summary: SGIN, known for Smart Global Innovation, has been in the laptop market since 2007, focusing on affordable, reliable notebooks and laptops. Their products are mainly targeted at students and for basic work and entertainment purposes. They offer features like good storage, battery life, and support for Windows operating systems. However, they have a limited range of models and are not as well-known as other brands.


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Equipped with SSDs for faster performance.
  • Decent battery life.
  • User-friendly design.


  • Limited processing power, not suitable for demanding tasks.
  • Lower brand recognition.
  • Variability in display quality.
  • Limited range of models.
  • Some concerns about audio quality.

SGIN laptops are not recommended for gaming or resource-intensive applications like video editing. They are more suited for basic computing needs like emails and office tasks.

Best SGIN Laptops for 2023:

  • SGIN 17″ Laptop (8GB RAM, 256GB SSD).
  • SGIN 15.6″ Laptop (12GB DDR4, 512GB SSD).

Score: Given the review, SGIN laptops seem to excel in affordability, portability, and basic functionality but fall short in processing power and versatility for more demanding tasks. Therefore, on a scale of 0% to 100%, I would rate SGIN laptops at around 70%. This score reflects their suitability for basic tasks and value for money, while also considering their limitations in performance and brand recognition.

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SGIN laptop review: what brand is SGIN? - Computer repair | TickTockTech [online]. [cited 08. 01. 2024]. Available from:
20 %

Sgin reviews from

Based on the content of the page discussing the SGIN laptop, here’s a brief summary and a score for the product:

Summary: The SGIN laptop, offered at a significantly reduced price on Amazon, has sparked a discussion among users. The laptop features a 15.6″ display, 512GB SSD, 12GB RAM, and a Celeron N5095 processor. Despite its seemingly attractive specifications and high Amazon rating, users have expressed skepticism and dissatisfaction.

Key points from user comments include:

  • Concerns about the laptop being part of a line of e-waste.
  • The processor is outdated and may not perform well.
  • Issues with durability and longevity, with some users reporting the laptop falling apart within months.
  • Problems with customer support and difficulties in contacting the company.
  • Instances of misleading advertising regarding specifications and performance.
  • General consensus that the laptop is not worth even the discounted price.

Score: Considering the overwhelmingly negative feedback from users, particularly regarding performance, durability, and customer support, the SGIN laptop would score low on a scale of 0% to 100%. Based on the content, a score of around 20% seems appropriate. This score reflects the serious concerns and dissatisfaction expressed by users, despite the seemingly attractive price and specifications.

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Sgin reviews [online]. [cited 08. 01. 2024]. Available from:
65 %

SGIN laptop review: Is it worth investing in SGIN laptop? from

Based on the content of the Techiemist review of the SGIN laptop, here’s a brief summary and a score for the product:

Summary: The SGIN laptop, established since 2007, is known for its budget-friendly and reliable laptops and notebooks. The 2023 model features a 15.6-inch screen, 12GB RAM, and 512GB SSD, offering good value for its price. However, it is equipped with a weak Intel Celeron N5095 processor, limiting its capability for heavy tasks like media creation or complex productivity tasks.

Key Points:

  • Suitable for basic tasks such as emails, light work, streaming, and productivity.
  • The design is classy-looking with a slim silver shell, modern look, and thin bezels.
  • The 1080p IPS screen is good for streaming but has issues with visibility in direct sunlight.
  • It’s not particularly lightweight (5.5 pounds) but is still portable.
  • Features a full-size keyboard with a number pad, a responsive touchpad, USB-C and USB 3.0 ports, an SD card reader, a headphone jack, and a mini HDMI port.
  • Equipped with a webcam, though an external webcam is recommended for professional use.
  • Offers a full HD display with clear visuals and colors, a 178-degree wide view angle, WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, and runs on Windows 11 Home.

Score: Considering the review, the SGIN laptop is a solid choice for basic use and offers good value for its price, especially for those on a budget. However, its limitations in processing power and screen visibility issues in sunlight are notable drawbacks. On a scale of 0% to 100%, I would rate the SGIN laptop around 65%. This score reflects its adequacy for basic tasks and good design features, balanced against its performance limitations and display issues.

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SGIN laptop review: Is it worth investing in SGIN laptop?[online]. [cited 08. 01. 2024]. Available from:
60 %

Are sgin laptops good? review from

Based on the content of the forum discussion about SGIN laptops, here’s a brief summary and a score for the product:

Summary: The forum thread discusses the SGIN brand of laptops, with various users sharing their experiences and opinions. Key points include:

  • SGIN is a lesser-known brand, primarily selling through Amazon, and possibly operates as a drop-shipper.
  • Users have mixed experiences with SGIN laptops. Some praise the laptops for their good screen quality and value for money, especially for non-gaming tasks like Office work and internet browsing. These laptops are noted for being silent due to no fan, but some users mention that the battery life could be better.
  • Concerns are raised about the CPU/GPU not being suitable for gaming and the potential for technical issues, such as a user experiencing a Windows Blue Screen and possible SSD failure.
  • There’s a general sense of uncertainty about the brand’s reliability and the quality of the laptops, with some users advising caution.

Score: Considering the mixed feedback, the SGIN laptops seem to offer decent value for basic computing tasks but have limitations in terms of gaming performance and potential reliability issues. On a scale of 0% to 100%, I would rate the SGIN laptops around 60%. This score reflects their adequacy for basic tasks and good screen quality, balanced against concerns about performance for more demanding applications and potential technical issues.

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Are sgin laptops good | AVForums [online]. [cited 08. 01. 2024]. Available from:
40 %

SGIN Laptop 15.6 Inch review from

Based on the customer reviews of the SGIN Laptop 15.6 Inch with 4GB DDR4, 128GB SSD, and Intel Celeron N4020C, here’s a brief summary and a score:

Summary: The SGIN Laptop has received mixed reviews from customers. It has a 3.0 out of 5-star rating based on 41 global ratings, with a distribution of 22% 5-star, 20% 4-star, 19% 3-star, 11% 2-star, and 28% 1-star ratings.

Positive Aspects:

  • Some users found the laptop excellent for its price, appreciating its fast startup, functionality for basic tasks, and good screen quality.
  • It was considered a good choice for non-demanding tasks like web browsing, office work, and general computing use.

Negative Aspects:

  • Several users reported significant issues, including poor build quality, slow performance, and technical problems leading to multiple repairs.
  • The laptop was criticized for its misleading sale tactics, with many feeling that the original high price was inflated to make discounts seem more attractive.
  • Concerns were raised about its suitability for gaming, multitasking, and more demanding applications due to limited RAM and processing power.

Score: Considering the mixed feedback, with a notable number of critical reviews highlighting significant issues, the SGIN Laptop would score around 40% on a scale of 0% to 100%. This score reflects the balance between its affordability and functionality for basic tasks against the concerns about performance, build quality, and potentially misleading pricing strategies.

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SGIN Laptop 15.6 Inch[online]. [cited 08. 01. 2024]. Available from:
80 %

SGIN Laptop Review – 15.6 Inch Laptop from

Based on the content of Vinoth Kumar’s review of the SGIN 15.6 Inch Laptop series, here’s a brief summary and a score for the product:

Summary: Vinoth Kumar, a Senior InfoSec Consultant and full-time blogger passionate about gadgets and laptops, provides an in-depth review of the SGIN 15.6 Inch Laptop series. The review highlights the laptops’ key features, performance, design, and customer satisfaction.

Key Highlights:

  • The SGIN laptops have been well-received on Amazon, with positive customer feedback.
  • They are known for their enduring battery life, ideal screen size, and seamless functionality.

Product Variants Reviewed:

  • Product-1: 4GB DDR4 RAM, 128GB SSD, Intel Celeron processor, lightweight design, and multifunctional interface.
  • Product-2: 24GB DDR4 RAM, 1024GB SSD, Intel Celeron N5095 Quad-Core processor, Full HD IPS screen, and long battery life.
  • Product-3: 12GB DDR4 RAM, 512GB SSD, Intel Celeron N5095 processor, advanced cooling, and a Full HD IPS screen.

Unique Selling Points:

  • SGIN sources components from top global suppliers and has an experienced R&D team.
  • The brand offers a 365-day warranty and prompt customer support.
  • A diverse range of products tailored to different user needs, with options for Windows 11 or Linux.

Performance and Innovation:

  • Efficient Intel Celeron processors with turbo frequencies.
  • Smart cooling technology for system longevity and optimal performance.

Score: Considering the detailed review by Vinoth Kumar, which emphasizes the laptops’ performance, design, and customer satisfaction, the SGIN 15.6 Inch Laptop series would score around 80% on a scale of 0% to 100%. This score reflects the positive aspects highlighted in the review, such as efficient performance, quality displays, and customer-focused features, balanced against the limitations inherent in the budget-friendly segment of laptops.

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SGIN Laptop Review - 15.6 Inch Laptop [online]. [cit. 08. 01. 2024]. Dostupné z:

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