Review evaluation methodology

How we select review sources

We select reviews from authoritative, professional and independent entities. We assume the highest degree of objectivity with them.

By averaging a larger number of reviews, we try to bring the most relevant final product or service rating as possible.

For each product or service, we try to link to as many quality reviews as possible that meet our selection criteria, if any.


Expert reviews

We consider authors from specialized servers for each individual issue to be expert reviewers.

If a product is reviewed by someone who sells the same product, a certain degree of bias and bias can be assumed. That is why we prefer content creators (magazines, blogs, industry portals) in the selection of reviews. Of course, this does not mean that a professional review cannot be done by the seller himself.

If we feel from the review that the information presented is balanced, we will include it in the selection of reviews.


User reviews in the professional section

If there is a quality resource aggregating user reviews (typically or Zboží.cz), we will link to it among other professional reviews.

You will also find links to discussion forums where users share their personal experiences with specific products or services.


Reviews by users

Our visitors can add their own reviews to products and services.

They will thus contribute with their own experience, which can confirm or refute the results of expert reviews.

The result of the evaluation of user reviews does not enter into the average rating of the product or service. It is made up entirely of professional reviews.


Methodology for calculating the percentage rating

If the expert reviewer sets an exact percentage rating for the product, or sets a proportional rating (e.g. 4.5 out of 5 possible), we accept this rating.

If the reviewer does not set a rating scale and just summarizes the pros and cons of the product, we will set a percentage rating based on the scale below.

100 % rating


The reviewer praises the product or service, highlights its positive aspects and benefits. Small and at the same time insignificant criticisms are permissible even for awarding a 100% rating (nothing is perfect).

80 % rating

 (very good)

The reviewer rated the product or service mostly positively. However, there were a few shortcomings with the product, which may mean slight limitations when using the product. However, for most users, these will not be a reason why they should prefer another product or service (we can mark them as not very important).

60 % rating


The review indicates that the product or service is still above average, however it already contains a greater number of minor or a lesser number of major limitations that make it impossible to give a higher percentage rating. Portions of the target audience can have negative characteristics affect a good user experience.

40 % rating


The review indicates that the product or service is below average in the given price range. The product already has more serious flaws that may not suit a larger part of the target group. The purchase is so good to consider.

20 % rating


The product or service is very below average. Defects in a product or service are already very limiting and can result in disappointment from using the product or service.

0 % rating


Avoid this product or service at all costs. The risk of using the product or service is too high. Investment in these products or services is not recommended.


Methodology for calculating the overall percentage rating of a product or service and its graphic visualization


The resulting percentage rating is the arithmetic average of the ratings of professional reviews.


Review A rates the product 85 %, review B 79 % and review C 92 %. The overall percentage rating is therefore calculated as follows:

(85 + 79 + 92) / 3 = 85,33 %

After mathematical rounding, the resulting overall rating of the product is 85 %.

The resulting overall rating in percentages is always shown in the preview image, supplemented with a color according to the scale below:

Overall rating in %          color marking (traffic light)
75–100 %                                   green color
41–74 %                                      yellow
0–40 %                                       red


Not recommended or thumbs down

If the product or service reviews are significantly negative and there is a significant chance of significant disappointment, the product may receive a thumbs down in the preview image.

We strongly recommend avoiding these products and services.

We often give a thumbs down to products and services that lie, provide misleading information, do not meet the standards in the given segment or are possibly demonstrable fraud (internally we refer to them as so-called dirt databases).