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Relief Factor supplements promise an effective solution to joint and muscle pain that all of us experience as we get older. Relief Factor is a combination of botanical ingredients and fish oil. Combination of ingredients to help support certain pathways in the body that are associated with pain and inflammation.

Main advantages

  • Possibly help maintain optimal production of nitric oxide to support blood flow and tissue health
  • Rich in antioxidants which neutralize free radicals and may support vascular health and a healthy stress response
  • Contains both EPA + DHA Omega-3s
  • Possibly help balance the body’s immune response
  • The CSPI  asked the Federal Trade Commission to take action against Relief Factor for falsely claiming a doctor endorsement from a non-medical professional
  • As it’s a botanical and organic product, there’s a slim potential of side effects.
  • According to the majority of Relief Factor review evaluations on the factor of Customer Relief, most customers appear to be pleased with the functionality of the items
  • Aside from the mentioned advantages, the goods may provide additional health advantages to their users
  • The study that will contribute to the ultimate product is claimed to be led by specialists

Main disadvantages

  • No clinical studies or research published on their website
  • No endorsements from the medical community
  • Very difficult to locate more information about the brand and founders
  • There is insufficient clinical evidence to back up the product’s claimed effectiveness
  • Users must take the vitamins three times a day, with four units of substance every intake, which makes adherence difficult
  • Clients are involuntarily enrolled for future orders, and canceling the membership may be difficult
  • The suppliers’ lack of a money-back guarantee clause generates specific concerns regarding the reliability of the product
  • The product appears to be pricey

Expert reviews

70 %

Relief Factor Reviews 2022

Relief factor isn’t a bad supplement, and it’s trial offer for $20 is pretty reasonable. It is a little pricey for what you get thereafter. Will it help with minor joint pains and stiffness? Quite possibly, but it’s unlikely to help more with severe joint pain.

We don’t dislike relief factor, just be sure to temper your expectations and take advantage of the trial offer on their website rather than going straight for a more expensive relief factor package. Read full review…

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76 %

Relief Factor Reviews 2022: Alternative Pain Relief Supplement

In theory, based on the four main ingredients of the Relief Factor, it should be a safe supplement to help relieve pain. However, the lack of transparency into how the supplement is manufactured, where it is manufactured, as well as published clinical trials to support its claims are concerning.

If you choose to try Relief Factor, please consult your primary physician beforehand and do so under their supervision. Read full review…

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Relief Factor Reviews 2022: Ingredients, Benefits & Dosage

The vast array of joint remedies available demonstrates virtually limitless options whenever it regards selection. We always recommend selecting goods that are genuine and marketed ethically.

The relief Factor seems to be a high-quality product that works. Although it is a bit more pricey than some other supplements in this genre, it holds many experimentally verified substances that warrant the price. Read full review…

Relief Factor Reviews 2022: Ingredients, Benefits & Dosage [online].
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Relief Factor Reviews: Is it effective at reducing pain?

We’ve tested and compared a lot of supplements on the market, but few have had such a significant impact on our day-to-day lives as Relief Factor. For those suffering from mild to moderate chronic pain (and even some with severe pain), Relief Factor offers ongoing treatment that knocks out joint stiffness and inflammation and offers 100% drug-free pain relief. It is not a pill you can just knock back and feel better, though – to achieve results, you must take Relief Factor daily for several weeks before you feel improvement. Is it worth it? In our opinion, it very much is. Read full review…

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Customer Reviews for Relief Factor

1.53/5 stars average of 92 Customer Reviews

James: Not as advertised. The product is a scam, nothing but cheap pills that contain a powder unknown.

John: Don’t fall for the advertising I started with the 3 week quick start wasn’t sure and went two more months….the advertising is bull 70% reorder yup and how many after 2 or 3 months. Very expensive and certainly not worth it. I had no real change so beware of the celebrities endorsement.

Daron: I have spinal stenosis with chronic lower back pain. I bought the “trial” order followed by a month month order. Unfortunately, it did not relieve any of my pain.

Brenda: I was really hoping for something miraculous but unfortunately it didn’t happen. As a retired nurse with chronic low back pain I will try anything. I took the 3 week trial followed by another 90 day period which shipped automatically I might add without allowing me to cancel. No relief whatsoever. No more than taking advil. I have to say when I did discontinue it was easy and no questions asked. I hope it works for you!

Read full review…

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Relief Factor Reviews – New Joint Supplement – Product Review by ProductWorld

If you would like to get a pain relief supplement for joint pain, flexibility, or protection against wear and tear associated with old age, it would be best if you can try this formula in your diet.

Relief Factor is an organic formula that helps ease muscle pains and other aches in other parts of the body. It is made from a list of quality ingredients with inflammatory agents to take care of pains and swelling. Based on Relief Factor customer reviews, it is no secret that this product is of high quality and effective in addressing pain associated with inflammation. Read full review…

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