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Description Provitalize

Provitalize is a thermogenic probiotic supplement that uses probiotics or “good live microorganisms” to promote healthy weight loss. The good live microorganisms colonize your gut, form a friendly relationship with it, and improve your gut health.


Main advantages

  • Managing menopausal symptoms.
  • Most users report boosts in their energy levels.
  • The supplement may provide strong probiotic support.
  • Provitalize is easy to purchase online via the manufacturer and Amazon.

Main disadvantages

  • Mixed reviews on weight management effects.
  • The product is only available online.
  • The supplement is a more expensive.

Expert reviews

78 %

3.9 out of 5 based on 75 reviews

Probiotic foods and supplements are naturally safe because good microbes already exist naturally in the gut.

But not everyone has the same response to probiotics, and some may experience temporary stomach problems while the body adjusts to it.

Our team looked for feedback from users and found Provitalize reviews that are rather positive.

Therese is at the menopause stage, and though she maintains a healthy diet and does regular exercise, she still finds it hard to lose weight. After trying Provitalize for three weeks, she said she had more energy, better sleep, and dropped 3 pounds. -Therese

Lorraine was looking for menopause supplements to deal with weight problems and relieve hot flashes. She said Provitalize worked for her and helped manage her weight and other menopause symptoms. – Lorraine

Alisa is 53 years old, and she is going through perimenopause and struggling with weight. She was disappointed as there was no weight or fat loss after finishing one bottle, and she also had to bloat. -Alisa

Sue gave Provitalize a good run of six months, but she noticed no changes in her weight or menopause symptoms. -Sue

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Provitalize Review – 13 Things You Need to Know

We’re not 100% sold on Provitalize, but it’s not a bad supplement. Probiotic support has strong clinical support for overall health and without good overall health, you won’t find healthy weight loss. The price is also a little higher than we’re used to seeing with probiotics. Read full review…

Provitalize Review (UPDATE: 2022) | 13 Things You Need to Know. DietSpotlight | Weight Loss, Nutrition, Diet Reviews [online]. Copyright © 2008 [cit. 06.09.2022].
80 %

Better Body Co. – Provitalize

4.0 out of 5 based on 90 reviews

Sonia: The product has benefited me by reducing my hot flushes, weight gain and feeling more energetic. Friends have noticed the difference in my weight especially around the middle! I feel this is a great product for me.

Sheryl: I bought bundle of pre and provitalize. They have improve my gut health tremendously and although the scales say differently my clothes are saying I am losing weight. These products have definitely helped with my bloated stomach. Give it a go.

Laura: I have to tell you how disappointed I am in the customer service. I have ordered hundreds of dollars from then this month, as I love the product, and i didn’t get one of my orders. II can’t get any real response from them in terms of what to do. They ignore my emails with no answers. I love the product, but your service is very questionable.

Ann: So no weight loss, been taking for 6 weeks, has improved night sweats and sugar cravings…

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Trustpilot-Provitalize [online].
80 %

Provitalize review: What to know

Better Body Co. manufactures Provitalize, a probiotic which it claims helps to reduce symptoms of menopause.

However, there are no studies on the product to support the company’s claims.

According to the company, Provitalize contains natural ingredients and is allergen free. Better Body Co. states that a person may need to take the supplement for 6–8 weeks before noticing any benefits.

The FDA does not review dietary supplements, so a person may wish to speak with a doctor or conduct their own research using reliable sources before purchasing Provitalize. Read full review…

Provitalize review for 2022 | Medical News Today. Medical and health information [online]. Copyright © 2004 [cit. 06.09.2022].
74 %

Better Body Co. – Provitalize

3.7 out of 5 based on 52 reviews

Denise: Amazing products, with all natural ingredients to give you obvious results. Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

Jill: I’ve noticed my hot flashes and night sweats are down. And because of that I’m getting a better nights’ sleep. I wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the day.

Kelly: I saw a huge difference in my energy level and bloating right away. And within 6 weeks I could get into a pair of shorts that I previously couldn’t. It is working at widdling down my menopause middle!

Sasha: Total scam – don not purchase – they will force you into a subscription and not cancel even when you request cancellation- and their product is bunk.

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78 %

Original Provitalize

3.9 out of 5 based on 3,308 reviews

Darlene: They did nothing for me for hot flashes or night sweets I would not recommend them.

Linda: I’d like to spend less, or catch a coupon here and there because I buy them for my husband and myself we both take two a day, he likes them as much as I do.

Morgan: I read a lot about the ingredients of this products and decided to try it. I am experiencing far less inflammation and issues with fibromyalgia. I didn’t really notice a weight loss (yet) but I definitely am not craving sweets or snacks as much. I am about to begin my second bottle.

Cathy: I have been taking this product now fir about 2/3 weeks. I’m still having the hot flashes day time as when I go to bed but not as often. I really haven’t seen too much of a reduction in my stomach area. However, my treadmill did malfunction and I just got the new replacement Sunday. So I’m going to order another bottle when this one is gone and see if I get better results with exercising.

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My Review: Provitalize Probiotic – Scam Or Does It Work?

7 out of 10

It’s surely not a bad supplement, nor a scam – but it has enough issues:

Doesn’t work very well for weight loss.
Can actually boost weight gain in some people.
Formula is pretty weak (in terms of metabolism).
Has many complaints from previous users.
It’s quite pricey for its value.
Now, it’s up to you whether you want to give it a try or not.

But I pretty much doubt it’s going to help you lose weight – even in the short run. Read full review…


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Expert video reviews

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My Review: Provitalize Probiotics – Scam Or Does It Work?

In this Provitalize review, I’m going to show you the truth behind this probiotic. Does it really help with weight loss? Can it reduce menopause symptoms?

My Review: Provitalize Probiotics - Scam Or Does It Work? - YouTube. YouTube [online]. Copyright © 2022 Google LLC [cit. 06.09.2022].

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