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Description Pro Power Save

Pro Power Save is an energy-saving device designed for household and office use.

It claims to reduce electricity consumption and lower bills by employing advanced technologies like electricity stabilization. Key features include the ability to amplify weak current or reduce high voltage, protection against power surges, ease of use without technical expertise, and compatibility with various appliances.

The device is UL certified and RoHS compliant, and it’s noted for its portability due to its lightweight and compact design. It has received mixed reviews, with some users reporting significant reductions in electricity bills, while others expressed skepticism about its effectiveness.

Pro Power Save is marketed as an energy efficiency device aimed at reducing electricity usage in homes and offices.

Its key selling points are its ability to stabilize electrical current and protect against power surges, potentially leading to lower electricity bills and longer appliance lifespans.

It is designed to be easy to use, requiring no technical skills for installation, and is compatible with various home appliances. The product also boasts safety certifications and a compact, portable design. However, it has received mixed customer reviews, with some questioning its effectiveness in significantly reducing energy costs.

Illustrative image for the reviewed product Pro Power Save. Source: Dall-E.

Illustrative image for the reviewed product Pro Power Save. Source: Dall-E.

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Last review update: 14.12.2023

Main advantages

  • Ease of Installation: The device is easy to install and use.
  • Electricity Stabilization Technology: The device is designed to stabilize electric current and reduce high voltage, promoting smooth running of electronics.
  • Surge Protection: It offers protection against power surges and lightning.
  • Compatibility: Works with various appliances.

Main disadvantages

  • Ineffective for Some Users: A significant number of users reported no change or an increase in their electricity bills after using the product.
  • False Advertising Claims: Complaints about misleading marketing and the product being a scam were common among dissatisfied customers.
  • Quality Control Issues: Issues such as bent or broken prongs upon delivery were reported by some users.
  • Skepticism About Effectiveness: There is skepticism regarding the device’s ability to significantly reduce electricity bills.
  • Limited Availability: The product is only available on the official website, which might limit accessibility.
  • Not Suitable for Large Spaces: The device might not be ideal for larger office spaces.

Expert reviews

65 %

Pro Power Saver, Energy Saving Device from

Based on the customer reviews provided, the Pro Power Saver, an energy-saving device, has received mixed feedback. The product is designed for household and office use, claiming to save electricity and reduce bills.

Positive Aspects:

  • Some users reported significant reductions in their electricity bills, with one user noting a $102 decrease.
  • Positive reviews often mention the ease of installation and initial effectiveness in lowering bills.
  • A few users experienced consistent savings over time and recommended the product to others.

Negative Aspects:

  • A substantial number of users reported no change or an increase in their electricity bills after using the product.
  • Complaints of false advertising and the product being a scam were common among dissatisfied customers.
  • Some users experienced quality control issues, such as bent or broken prongs upon delivery.

Overall Score: Given the mixed nature of the reviews, with 45% of users giving it a 5-star rating but 16% rating it as 1-star, the product seems to have a polarizing effect. The average rating is 3.7 out of 5 stars, which translates to a score of approximately 74% on a scale of 0% to 100%. However, considering the significant number of negative reviews and allegations of the product being a scam, a more cautious score might be 65%, reflecting both the positive experiences and the substantial skepticism and dissatisfaction expressed by a notable portion of users.

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75 %

Pro Power Save Reviews EXPOSED Does It Really Works? from

The content on the page is a detailed review and promotional piece for the Pro Power Save, an energy-saving device. The device is designed to reduce electricity consumption in households and offices by employing advanced technologies like electricity stabilization. It claims to offer significant savings on electricity bills, protect devices from power surges, and extend their lifespan.

Key Features and Claims:

  • Electricity Stabilization Technology: Amplifies weak current or reduces high voltage to ensure smooth running of electronics.
  • Reduction in Energy Costs: Claims to cut electricity use by 20 to 30%, potentially saving up to half of the electricity bill.
  • Protection Against Power Surges: Protects devices from surges and lightning.
  • Ease of Use: Simple to operate without technical expertise.
  • Compatibility: Works with a variety of appliances.
  • Safety and Certification: UL certified and RoHS compliant.
  • Portability: Lightweight and compact design.

User Feedback:

  • Positive reviews mention significant reductions in electricity bills and satisfaction with the product’s performance.
  • Some users have reported using the device for extended periods with consistent results.

Concerns and Criticisms:

  • Some skepticism exists regarding the effectiveness of the device in significantly reducing electricity bills.
  • The review suggests that incorrect setup or usage might lead to dissatisfaction among some users.

Score Based on Review: Considering the positive claims and user feedback, along with the potential for skepticism and setup issues, the Pro Power Save could be scored 75% on a scale of 0% to 100%. This score reflects the balance between the promising benefits and the need for cautious optimism given the nature of such devices.

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Pro Power Save Reviews EXPOSED Does It Really Works?[online]. [cited 14 December 2023]. Available from:
0 %

Does PowerPro Energy Saver (electricity saving device) really work? from

Based on the content provided, the PowerPro Energy Saver and similar electricity saving devices are widely regarded as ineffective and potentially a scam. Multiple experts, including engineers and scientists, have expressed skepticism about the claims made by these devices. The consensus is that there is no scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of these products in saving electricity. The general advice is to avoid purchasing such devices and instead focus on proven methods of reducing electricity consumption, such as using energy-efficient appliances and being mindful of power usage.

Given this overwhelming negative feedback from professionals in the field, the PowerPro Energy Saver would receive a score of 0% on a scale of 0% to 100%, with 0% being the worst and 100% being the best. This score reflects the lack of evidence for its effectiveness and the strong consensus that it is a scam or at best, a product with no real utility.

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Does the PowerPro Energy Saver really work? - Quora [online]. [cited 14 December 2023]. Available from:
0 %

Is Pro Power Saver A Scam? The Facts You Need To Know from

Based on the review of the Pro Power Saver, it appears to be a fraudulent product. The review details several red flags and deceptive practices associated with the device, including:

  • False Claims: It falsely claims to reduce electricity bills significantly by stabilizing electrical current and reducing idle electricity usage, which is not substantiated by any evidence.
  • Deceptive Marketing: It employs deceptive marketing tactics such as fake customer reviews, false celebrity endorsements, and unauthorized use of news outlet logos.
  • Lack of Efficacy: The product contains basic, inexpensive electrical components and lacks any special energy-saving capabilities. Experts confirm it has no measurable effect on home energy consumption.
  • Scam Indicators: There are clear indicators of a scam, such as no real company presence, changing product names, and availability only through dubious online platforms.
  • Potential Risks: Apart from being a financial scam, it may pose risks like fire hazards or damage to appliances.

Given the overwhelming evidence of deceptive practices and lack of efficacy, the Pro Power Saver can be rated at 0% on a scale from 0% to 100%, where 0% represents the worst. This product is not only ineffective but also potentially dangerous and a clear financial scam.

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Is Pro Power Saver A Scam? The Facts You Need To Know [online]. [cited 14 December 2023]. Available from:
40 %

Pro Power Save Reviews 2023 – All Truth about Pro Power Save from

The review presents Pro Power Save as a device designed to optimize energy use in homes. It claims to achieve this by stabilizing electric current, reducing dirty electricity, and protecting appliances from power surges, based on the principle of power factor correction. The device promises a range of benefits, including up to 90% savings on electricity bills, device protection, and reduced EMF/EMR exposure.

Specifications and Features:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Works with a broad range of voltages and frequencies
  • Claims to handle up to 28KW load
  • Fireproof and explosion-proof
  • Easy to install and requires no maintenance
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee

Operation: It’s plugged into any outlet, automatically adjusts current flow, and shows results within 6-8 weeks.

Comparison with Competitors: Pro Power Save claims higher savings (up to 90%) compared to competitors like OkoWatt, Watt Rescue, and EcoWatt, but lacks government endorsement and independent verification.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Easy installation, no maintenance, safety features, and a money-back guarantee.
  • Cons: Only available on the official website, and its energy-saving claims are not verified by any government agency.

Customer Reviews: There were mixed reviews, with some customers noting reduced electricity bills and others seeing no difference. The authenticity of these reviews is questionable.

FAQs and Safety: It’s suggested to use one device per 500 square feet and plug it near the breaker box. The device is claimed to be safe and legal.

Conclusion: The review acknowledges the potential of Pro Power Save but also points out the lack of official verification and transparency. It suggests more established energy-saving methods as alternatives.

Based on this review, the product seems to fall into a grey area where it makes significant claims without substantial verification. However, it does offer a money-back guarantee, which might appeal to some users. The mixed customer feedback and lack of government endorsement or independent testing are concerning. Therefore, on a scale of 0% to 100%, Pro Power Save could be rated around 40%. This score reflects the potential benefits it claims to offer against the significant doubts about its effectiveness and the lack of verified customer satisfaction.

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Pro Power Save Review 2023 - All the truth about Pro Power Save [online]. [cited 14 Dec. 2023]. Available from:
0 %

Was Pro Power Saver Endorsed by Elon Musk and Tesla? from

The article in question discusses the claim that Elon Musk and Tesla endorsed a product called Pro Power Saver, which supposedly can save homeowners up to 90% off their electricity bills. However, this claim is rated as a “Scam.”

Key Points from the Article:

  • False Endorsement: The ads and articles falsely used Elon Musk’s image and the Tesla name without permission, falsely implying their endorsement of Pro Power Saver.
  • Misleading Claims: The claim that this device could save up to 90% on electricity bills is highly dubious. If such savings were possible, the product would likely be extremely popular, but there is no evidence to support these claims.
  • Deceptive Advertising: The ads and articles were designed to mislead consumers. For example, they would auto-fill a state name based on the user’s IP address to create a false sense of relevance and urgency.
  • Fabricated Story: The article included a fabricated story about a Tesla employee named Dorothy Smith who supposedly died due to high electricity costs, which inspired Musk to create Pro Power Saver. This story is entirely fictional.
  • Lack of Credibility: There is no evidence to support any of the claims made in the ads and articles about Pro Power Saver, and they are full of red flags typical of scam advertisements.

Based on the content of the review, which clearly identifies the endorsement claims as false and the product itself as part of a scam, the Pro Power Saver would be rated 0% on a scale from 0% to 100%. This rating reflects the product’s complete lack of credibility and the deceptive nature of its marketing.

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Has the Pro Power Saver been approved by Elon Musk and Tesla? | [online]. [cited 14 December 2023]. Available from:
60 %

Pro Power Save Reviews [JUST Update]: Hidden Truth About Pro Power Save Reviews Consumers Reports. Pro Power Saver Reviews. from

This article reviews the Pro Power Save, a device claimed to significantly reduce monthly electricity bills and improve energy efficiency in homes.

Key Features and Benefits of Pro Power Save:

  • Easy to install and use, just plug into a socket.
  • Suitable for both small and large homes, with the ability to install multiple units without loss of efficiency.
  • Doesn’t require batteries; it’s a plug-and-play device.
  • Durable and high-quality design.
  • Stabilizes energy, reducing electric spikes and bursts.
  • EM filtering to reduce harmful electromagnetic radiation.
  • Portable and automatically functioning.

Claimed Advantages:

  • Saves up to 54% on energy bills.
  • Provides health benefits by reducing ‘dirty electricity’.
  • Affordable with no maintenance fees.
  • Ecologically beneficial, contributing to sustainable energy usage.

Customer Reviews:

  • Mixed feedback with some customers reporting significant savings on electricity bills, while others did not notice a difference.

Legitimacy and Efficiency:

  • The article claims the device is legitimate, supported by positive customer reviews.
  • It supposedly works using Energy Stabilizing Technology (EST) to ensure a steady flow of electricity, reducing harmful surges and spikes.


  • Simple usage, lightweight and versatile.
  • Protects against electromagnetic waves and electrical overloads.
  • Eco-friendly with a lifetime warranty.
  • Legally approved for use.


  • Available exclusively on the official website, potentially limiting accessibility.
  • May not be suitable for large office spaces.

Final Verdict: The article portrays Pro Power Save as a promising solution to high energy costs, emphasizing its benefits and efficiency. However, the lack of independent verification or scientific backing for the claims made, along with the mixed customer reviews, suggests caution. The article itself is an advertorial, which could imply a bias toward positive portrayal of the product.

Given the claims of significant energy savings, positive customer feedback, but also considering the potential for bias and lack of independent verification, Pro Power Save could be tentatively rated around 60% on a scale of 0% to 100%. This score reflects a balance between the potential benefits and the need for cautious skepticism due to the nature of the review and the product’s claims.

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