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Patriot Funding review.

Description Patriot Funding

The website of Patriot Funding provides information about their services, primarily focusing on debt consolidation loans. Here are the key features and sections of their website:

  • Main Services: Patriot Funding specializes in debt consolidation, offering a service to merge multiple debts into a single payment. They emphasize a simplified repayment process, potentially lower interest rates, and the possibility of becoming debt-free in 24 to 48 months.
  • Calculator: There’s a section with a calculator that allows visitors to estimate their potential savings by entering their debt balance, current monthly payment, and average annual percentage rate.
  • Customer Testimonials: The website includes testimonials from clients who have used their services, sharing their positive experiences and the impact on their financial situations.
  • FAQ and Educational Content: They provide a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, addressing common inquiries about debt consolidation loans. Additionally, there’s content aimed at educating visitors about managing debt, the benefits of debt consolidation, and the process involved.
  • Contact Information and Location: Contact details are provided, including a phone number and an address in Woodbury, MN. They also offer a form for a free consultation, encouraging potential clients to reach out with their financial needs.
  • Transparency and Customer Engagement: The website emphasizes transparency in their services and conditions, advising visitors to carefully consider the terms of any loan. They encourage informed decision-making and provide insights into their loan process and its potential benefits.
  • Company Profile and Credibility: Patriot Funding highlights their commitment to connecting people with financial solutions since 2018, offering tailored solutions for unique financial situations. They also address questions about their legitimacy and client satisfaction.

Overall, the website of Patriot Funding presents a comprehensive overview of their debt consolidation services, customer experiences, and educational resources, with an emphasis on transparency and personalized financial solutions.

Illustrative image for the reviewed product Patriot Funding. Source: Dall-E.

Illustrative image for the reviewed product Patriot Funding. Source: Dall-E.

Last review update: 19.12.2023

Main advantages

  • Zero-Fee, Fixed-Rate Structure: The company’s pricing structure is highlighted as a significant advantage, offering transparent, simple, fixed rates with no hidden fees.
  • Educational Resources Provided: They offer educational materials on debt management and personal finance, helping clients understand and manage their financial situations better.
  • Community Involvement: Patriot Funding’s participation in community initiatives and charitable causes is noted, indicating a level of corporate social responsibility.
  • Transparent and Tailored Pricing: The company is recognized for its clear pricing model and its approach to creating personalized solutions for debt management.

Main disadvantages

  • Legitimacy Concerns: Doubts about the company’s legitimacy due to a lack of substantial online presence and registration issues.
  • Misleading Advertising and Sales Practices: Numerous complaints about deceptive marketing tactics, including misleading mailers and pre-approval claims.
  • Customer Service Issues: Reports of unresponsive, rude, or unprofessional customer service representatives.
  • “Bait and Switch” Allegations: Customers experiencing what they perceived as bait and switch tactics, where initial loan offers are switched to debt relief programs.
  • Transparency and Clarity Issues: Lack of clarity in service offerings and fee structures, leading to confusion about whether they provide actual loans or debt relief services.
  • Negative Customer Feedback and Reviews: Predominantly negative reviews and experiences shared by past customers.
  • Problems with Product/Service: Issues raised regarding the quality and effectiveness of the services provided.
  • Billing and Collection Concerns: Complaints about billing practices and collection issues.
  • Low Ratings from Better Business Bureau (BBB): An F rating from the BBB and numerous unresolved complaints.
  • Concerns Over Company History and Information: Limited information available about the company’s history, operations, and physical location.
  • Impact on Credit Scores: Potential negative impact on customers’ credit scores due to the nature of the debt consolidation or relief programs.

Expert reviews

90 %

Patriot Funding Review from

The article reviews Patriot Funding, a debt consolidation company known for its efficient services and customer satisfaction. Key highlights include:

  • Company Profile: Patriot Funding is described as a reputable firm helping individuals manage various types of debt. Their goal is to make clients debt-free within 24 to 48 months through an efficient consolidation process, excellent customer service, and a zero-fee, fixed-rate structure.
  • Customer Service: The company is praised for its exceptional customer service, with staff noted for their kindness, patience, and helpfulness.
  • Client Testimonials: Positive experiences from clients like Susan F., Jeremy P., and Marjorie V. are shared, highlighting how Patriot Funding helped them manage their financial situations effectively.
  • Comparison with Scam Companies: The article contrasts Patriot Funding with scam debt consolidation firms, emphasizing its legitimate and reliable services.
  • Debt Consolidation Process: The process involves assessing the client’s financial situation, creating a customized plan, negotiating with creditors, and providing ongoing support.
  • Pricing Structure: Patriot Funding’s zero-fee, simple fixed rate structure is highlighted as a significant advantage.
  • Support System: The company offers comprehensive support throughout the debt consolidation journey.
  • Tailored Solutions: Customized plans are developed for each client, considering their unique financial circumstances.
  • Educational Resources: Patriot Funding provides educational resources on debt management and personal finance.
  • Community Involvement: The company’s participation in community initiatives and charitable causes is noted.
  • Final Thoughts: The review concludes that Patriot Funding is a reliable and effective choice for debt consolidation, offering transparent pricing and tailored solutions.

Final Score: Based on the content of this review, Patriot Funding is portrayed very positively. The emphasis on customer satisfaction, tailored solutions, exceptional customer service, and a transparent pricing model all contribute to a high rating. However, the presence of a single negative comment about customer service responsiveness at the end suggests some areas for improvement. Considering these factors, I would rate Patriot Funding at 90%. This score reflects the overwhelmingly positive review, tempered slightly by the minor concern raised.

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Patriot Funding Review: The Ultimate Debt Consolidation Solution for Quick and Hassle-Free Loans | Fox Chronicle [online]. [cited 19/12/2023]. Available from:


20 %

Patriot Funding from

The forum discussion revolves around the legitimacy and experiences with Patriot Funding, a company offering debt consolidation services. Key points from the discussion include:

  • Initial Inquiry: A user, Jd2683, inquires about Patriot Funding after receiving a pre-approved mailing, noting difficulty in finding information online.
  • Company Age and Reviews: An anonymous user mentions that Patriot Funding is relatively new (only 2 months old according to BBB), which explains the lack of reviews.
  • Alternatives and Warnings: Various users discuss alternatives to Patriot Funding. One mentions a positive experience with One Main Financial, while others caution against new or unknown companies, suggesting established firms for loans.
  • Concerns about Legitimacy: Several users express concerns about the legitimacy of Patriot Funding. They note the lack of substantial online presence and associate the company with high-risk loans or potential scams.
  • Negative Experiences and Warnings: Some users share negative experiences or second-hand accounts, warning about high fees, misleading practices, and issues with customer service. There’s a general consensus that Patriot Funding’s practices are not transparent and could be harmful to consumers’ financial health.
  • Recommendations for Caution: The discussion advises caution when dealing with Patriot Funding or similar companies. Users suggest thoroughly researching any financial company before engaging with their services.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) Complaints: There are mentions of complaints filed with the BBB against Patriot Funding, indicating dissatisfaction and unresolved issues.
  • General Skepticism: The overall tone of the discussion is skeptical and cautious, with a strong recommendation to avoid Patriot Funding and seek more reputable and transparent debt consolidation options.

Final Score: Based on the content of this forum discussion, Patriot Funding is viewed very negatively. The lack of information, concerns about legitimacy, negative experiences shared by users, and general skepticism contribute to a low rating. Considering these factors, I would rate Patriot Funding at 20%. This score reflects the predominant negative sentiment and warnings expressed by the forum participants.

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Patriot Funding - myFICO® Forums - 5298692 [online]. [cited 19/12/2023]. Available from:
40 %

Is Patriot Funding Legit? – Feedback and Reviews from

The article provides an in-depth analysis of Patriot Funding, a company offering debt consolidation services, with a focus on its legitimacy, customer feedback, and reviews.

Key Takeaways:

  • Legitimacy Concerns: Patriot Funding is not registered in Michigan and lacks a physical address. It’s identified as a paid marketing lead generator rather than a direct lender.
  • Customer Feedback: There are reports of unresponsiveness from Patriot Funding, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has not rated the company.
  • Debt Consolidation Services: Despite concerns, Patriot Funding claims to offer personalized debt management solutions, aiming to consolidate debts into a single payment with competitive interest rates and flexible terms.
  • Pros and Cons: The company is noted for its experience and connections, but there are reports of failed deals and potentially higher fees.
  • Cost and Transparency Issues: Details about Patriot Funding’s fees are not clearly disclosed, with some reports of misleading practices.
  • BBB Rating: The BBB has assigned a non-rated status to Patriot Funding, indicating insufficient information for a full evaluation.
  • Alternative Options: The article suggests exploring other debt relief options like CuraDebt for debt settlement services.
  • Business Model: Patriot Funding operates as a mediator, connecting individuals with debt consolidation programs offered by other companies.
  • Company History: Limited information is available about the company’s history and operations.
  • Final Thoughts: The article advises caution due to mixed reviews and limited information, recommending thorough research and consideration of alternative debt relief options.

Final Score: Based on the content of this review, Patriot Funding’s legitimacy and reliability appear questionable. The concerns about registration, lack of transparency, customer feedback, and the non-rated BBB status contribute to a lower score. However, the company’s claimed benefits and services prevent the score from being at the lowest end. Considering these factors, I would rate Patriot Funding at 40%. This score reflects the significant concerns raised in the article, balanced against the potential benefits the company claims to offer.

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Is Patriot Funding Legit? - Feedback and Reviews [online]. [cited 19/12/2023]. Available from:
35 %

Customer Reviews for Patriot Funding from

Patriot Funding, a debt consolidation service provider, has received mixed customer reviews. The summary of these reviews is as follows:

  • Review from George L. (1 Star – 10/19/2023): George L. criticizes Patriot Funding for what he perceives as a “bait and switch” scheme. He claims that the company offers a seemingly valid loan with a low interest rate but ultimately does not approve the loan, instead directing customers to a debt relief program that uses their own money to pay off credit card bills.
  • Patriot Funding’s Response (11/16/2023): In response to George L.’s review, Patriot Funding states that they offer various options to clients, with most securing loans with favorable rates and terms. They express regret for not satisfying George L. but stand by their service quality.
  • Review from Kasey H. (1 Star – 07/20/2023): Kasey H. reports a negative experience with customer service, describing an interaction with a rude and condescending senior loan officer. She criticizes the company for not respecting her schedule and for poor communication.
  • Review from Carlos J. (5 Stars – 07/12/2023): Carlos J. gives a positive review but the content is vague, mentioning satisfaction with the information provided by Patriot Funding.
  • Overall Customer Review Rating: The average customer review rating for Patriot Funding is 2.33 out of 5 stars, based on 3 customer reviews.
  • BBB Rating: Patriot Funding has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and is not BBB accredited.
  • BBB Disclaimer: The BBB emphasizes that their business profiles are for informational purposes to assist in exercising judgment and do not endorse any product, service, or business. They also note the importance of considering the size and volume of transactions when evaluating complaint information.

Final Score: Considering the mixed customer reviews, the negative experiences highlighted by two customers, and the F rating from the BBB, Patriot Funding’s overall impression is not favorable. However, the presence of a positive review, albeit vague, and the company’s response to criticism suggest some level of customer service engagement. Based on this review, I would rate Patriot Funding at 35%. This score reflects the predominantly negative customer feedback and poor BBB rating, balanced slightly by the company’s attempt to address customer concerns and the single positive review.

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Patriot Funding | Reviews | Better Business Bureau® Profile [online]. [cited 19/12/2023]. Available from:
10 %

ComplaintsforPatriot Funding from

Patriot Funding, a debt consolidation service provider, has received numerous complaints as detailed in the BBB profile. The summary of these complaints is as follows:

  • Guarantee/Warranty Issues (10/19/2023): Customers reported that contact numbers are no longer working, making it impossible to reach the company for queries or issues.
  • Advertising/Sales Issues (Multiple Dates): Several complaints were filed regarding misleading advertising and sales practices. Customers received mailers with pre-approval claims for loans, which they found to be deceptive.
  • Problems with Product/Service (Multiple Dates): Complaints included issues with the service provided by Patriot Funding. Customers reported receiving unsolicited loan offers despite opting out of pre-screen offers and being unable to contact the company to stop these mailers.
  • Billing/Collection Issues (07/19/2023): A customer complained about being misled by a pre-approved loan offer and then being pushed into a debt negotiation program, which could harm their credit score.
  • Customer Service Issues: Complaints highlighted poor customer service, including unresponsiveness and inability to resolve issues.
  • BBB Rating: Patriot Funding has an F rating from the Better Business Bureau and is not BBB accredited.
  • Total Complaints: There were 15 total complaints in the last 3 years, with all 15 complaints closed in the last 12 months.
  • Serious Allegations: Some complaints included serious allegations such as bait-and-switch tactics and fraudulent activities.

Final Score: Based on the nature and severity of the complaints, the unresponsiveness of the company to these issues, and the F rating from the BBB, Patriot Funding is viewed very negatively. The consistent pattern of complaints regarding advertising, service problems, and customer service issues significantly impacts the company’s reputation. Considering these factors, I would rate Patriot Funding at 10%. This score reflects the overwhelmingly negative customer feedback and the serious nature of the complaints lodged against the company.

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Patriot Funding | Complaints | Better Business Bureau® Profile [online]. [cit. 19. 12. 2023]. Dostupné z:
25 %

atriot Funding Reviews: Did You Get The Mailer? from

This article by Ben Tejes, updated on May 31st, 2023, delves into the operations of Patriot Funding, particularly focusing on their pre-qualification mailers for debt consolidation loans.

Key Points:

  • Patriot Funding’s Mailers: The article discusses mailers sent by Patriot Funding, offering pre-qualification for debt consolidation loans at a 3.87% interest rate, raising questions about their legitimacy.
  • Comparison with Loyal Lending: Patriot Funding is compared to Loyal Lending, another company sending similar mailers. Both companies are suspected of not actually providing loans but rather marketing debt consolidation programs (debt relief) for other companies.
  • Debt Consolidation vs. Debt Relief: The article clarifies the difference between debt consolidation loans (actual money transferred to pay off debts) and debt consolidation programs (negotiating and settling accounts that are behind).
  • Transparency and Marketing Tactics: The author criticizes the marketing tactic of ‘prequalifying’ individuals for a loan that they may not actually get and raises questions about Patriot Funding’s permissible purpose to prescreen individuals.
  • Patriot Funding’s History: The article notes that Patriot Funding’s online presence dates back to 2018 but lacks substantial information about the company’s history.
  • Cost of Debt Consolidation Programs: It is mentioned that debt consolidation programs might charge between 15-25% of the enrolled debt amount, with fees due upon settlement.
  • Lack of Reviews: The author highlights the difficulty in finding reviews for Patriot Funding, with an F rating on BBB and one complaint.
  • Closing Thoughts: The author expresses uncertainty about how Patriot Funding operates, suspecting it might be a marketing service that refers clients to debt settlement firms rather than actual debt consolidation loans.

Final Score: Based on the content of this review, Patriot Funding’s operations appear questionable, particularly regarding their marketing tactics and the lack of transparency about their services. The confusion over whether they offer actual loans or simply market debt relief programs, combined with the lack of customer reviews and an F rating on BBB, paints a negative picture. However, the article does not provide concrete evidence of malpractice. Considering these factors, I would rate Patriot Funding at 25%. This score reflects the concerns raised about their business practices and the lack of clarity and transparency in their services.

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Patriot Funding Reviews: Did You Get The Mailer? [online]. [cited 19/12/2023]. Available from:
30 %

Patriot Funding Reviews? from

The discussion revolves around the legitimacy and practices of Patriot Funding, particularly in relation to their debt consolidation loan offers.

Key Points:

  • Pre-Approval Mailer: A user received a pre-approval letter from Patriot Funding for a debt consolidation loan and sought feedback about the company.
  • Bait and Switch Experience: DomeTrain54 shared their experience, stating that Patriot Funding is a legitimate company but accused them of employing bait and switch tactics. They described how they were initially offered a loan but were later redirected to a debt settlement program by Finance Solutions, allegedly partnered with Patriot Funding.
  • Credit Impact Concerns: The user highlighted that such programs do not pay creditors directly and can negatively impact credit scores.
  • Skepticism and Caution: Other users expressed skepticism about responding to unsolicited offers and raised concerns about the company’s short history and lack of transparency.
  • Marketing Tactics: A user pointed out that Patriot Funding’s website discloses that they are a paid marketing lead generator, suggesting that their mailers are primarily for marketing purposes.

Final Score: Considering the discussion, Patriot Funding’s practices appear questionable, particularly regarding their marketing tactics and the potential bait and switch approach. The lack of direct creditor payments and the potential negative impact on credit scores are significant concerns. However, there is an acknowledgment of the company’s legitimacy. Balancing these factors, I would rate Patriot Funding at 30%. This score reflects the concerns raised by users about deceptive practices and the potential risks involved, tempered by the recognition of the company’s legitimate status.

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Patriot Funding Reviews? [online]. [feeling. 19/12/2023]. Available from:
10 %

Patriot Funding Reviews from

The review for Patriot Funding is from a customer named Tina Hall, who had a negative experience with the company’s customer service. The key points of her review are:

  • Consultation by Strategic Consulting: Tina Hall mentions that her interaction was with Strategic Consulting, a firm consulting for Patriot Funding, based in Amherst, NY.
  • Service Offered: According to the review, the company does not provide debt consolidation but rather debt relief by negotiating payoffs with credit card companies. This process results in the closure of credit card accounts.
  • Negative Customer Service Experience: Tina Hall describes her experience with an employee named Vinny Paternostro. Initially polite, his demeanor reportedly changed to rude and unprofessional when she refused their offer.
  • Overall Rating: Tina Hall rated her experience with Patriot Funding as 1 out of 5 stars, indicating a very poor experience.
  • Date of Experience: The review was written based on an experience dated October 14, 2023.

Final Score: Based on Tina Hall’s review, Patriot Funding receives a very low score. The negative aspects highlighted include misleading service representation (debt relief instead of consolidation) and poor customer service, particularly in handling client refusal. Given these factors, and considering this is a single review but a strongly negative one, Patriot Funding would be rated at 10%. This score reflects the serious concerns raised by the customer regarding both the nature of the service and the professionalism of the staff.

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Patriot Funding Reviews: What It Is and How It Works | Is the Patriot Fund legit? - YouTube [online]. [cited 19/12/2023]. Available from:

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