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Noracora is a fast-fashion brand priding itself on bringing customers affordable styles. Their mission focuses on the beautification of women through the use of clothing.

Main advantages

  • The company has an ANDROID and IOS app.
  • Wide sortiment.

Main disadvantages

  • Low quality..
  • Lots of bad reviews.

Expert reviews

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2.9 out of 5 based on 4,771 reviews

Rossean: Buyer Beware! The photo’s on the site look way better than the actual items. The material is thin, poorly made and all the tops I ordered had a sheen to them. I ordered all smalls and everyone of the tops are huge, not even close to small. Also, the site is not allowing me to return the items, even though I am within the 30 days. Don’t waste your time and money. I’m donating these items to Goodwill.

Barbara: I was unhappy with the quality and appearance of the items I ordered and had to return almost everything. In addition, I was required to return the items to China which was extremely expensive.

Roeanne: I wanted to place an order with Noracora. The shipping was way too high so I changed my mind and didn’t. They kept sending me discount offers, so I finally relented and placed the order. Then lo and behold, the discounts were gone. I canceled the order. Very unhappy.

Judy: Please do not order from this company. The products are very poor quality and the customer service is even worse.

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4.5 out of 5 based on 156,800 reviews

Donna: First time ordering so I won’t really be able to give accurate feedback until my parcel actually arrives. You have a beautiful selection to pick from but seeing is believing, and often with online shopping you don, t get exactly what you thought it was. I am hoping that you prove me wrong and this will be my best online shopping experience ever.

Savannah: I’ve been ordering clothes here for a long time and had only the best online experience so far. Her clothes always fit her well, the material is of good quality and she is very chic and fashionable. Everyone asks me where I buy my clothes. SheIn is my first choice when I want to go shopping on the internet. Customer service and delivery are fantastic too! I highly recommend this online store.

Heather: I enjoy browsing on my favorite websites, and Noracora is one of them. However, I find it extremely annoying when a pop-up happens or if.

Nilda: This is a super cute and cheap online store and very easy to navigate the site. Shipping takes a little while, but it’s worth it as all of their products are of great quality and affordable. Very satisfied with what I buy in your store. I love how they have so many high-quality photos for each garment, so you have a good idea of what it looks like.

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Noracora Reviews

1.8 out of 5 based on 951 reviews

Bonnie: I just received my order and I only wish I had read the reviews before placing it. What a ripoff! Some of the poorest quality clothing I have ever seen! And, on top of that, nothing fits! Sounds like it’s a nightmare to return so I will be donating my purchases. I couldn’t agree more with the negative reviews I have read here. I learned my lesson the hard way!!

Caroline: I purchased various items from noracora and received 2 out of 3, forgot the third for about 8 months, went back to my purchase history and found they never sent me the 3 rd item, I had to contact them, “it’ll be delivered next week”, never came so cancelled.

Cheryl: None of the clothes fit and although it shipped from Ontario to BC, the truth of their supposed “easy return” policy is to ship to China!!! All at your expense!!! They have offered 15% rebate in lieu of returning the items. In other words, they are an unscrupulous company and I would never recommend purchasing a single item from them.

Allison: Not an United States Company. Pure China. Beware. Spend your money elsewhere. Just cause it is on Facebook does not make it legit!

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1.2 out of 5 based on 161 reviews

Judy: The dress I ordered from Noracora is completely different from what I received. They offered a full refund, but fail to mention in their return policy that you have to pay shipping and customs fees to return the item to China, even though they are responsible for the problem! Combined, the fees can amount to around $30. The customer is penalized for their poor quality control!

Velina: I should have done more research – they have a return policy that they don’t follow. Dresses I received have design on front and plain material on back. The sizing is not per descriptions on their website. Save your money and spend little more to get same items at Target, Walmart or JC Penney where you can at least return them!

Pamela: Loved what I saw online and in total ordered 6 tops. One top arrived very quickly and is perfect both size and quality. There’s been a few emails going to and fro regarding delay with the other items, and they have now all arrived. Impressed with their email communication, and the garments are good quality, lovely fabric and beautiful colours. I will certainly order from them again.

Roxenna: Super cheap material, bad stitching, asian sizing that was inconsistent. Tried to return and ended up in an email war that lasted almost a week.

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Noracora Reviews: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Noracora’s brand mission is inspiring, but they don’t always hit the mark. Honestly, it would be best to shop with another similar retailer that had better reviews and was overall more trustworthy.

Many online stores nowadays are scams, and even though Noracora does send products, the returns and refunds make it difficult to return or get any money back. Read full review…

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Noracora-Female Fashion Online

3.8 out of 5 based on 544 reviews

Annmarie: I love shopping this site. Just about all dresses and pants have pockets. Not one but two. I can’t find that anywhere else. I pay for shipping but the prices of there products make it worth it. Everything fits as mentioned and guidelines are available. Their clothing is comfortable, soft, lots of colors bright and fun. You got to be patient waiting for it to arrive. They’re an international store. Everything is worth it.

Jenna: It host a TON of shoes I don’t want to LIFE without, as well as some really neat dresses and other items. *Can’t seem to find a like/save button  to save items I’m interested in. That’s a real bummer considering how many items is offered if there isn’t one rather than myself just overlooking it’s location.

Lynn: I was very surprised on how easy the order process with Noracora is. This was my 1st experience shopping with internet shopping. I loved everything and it was all true to size. I will purchase more cause I love all your styles.

Jeannie: Awesome Tops! Awesome service. Awesome deals of you watch for them.

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3.2 out of 5 based on 34 reviews

Carol: Just like everyone else this is Typical of that Dam– Nation that just keep “plaguing ” us, US! Don’t order anything from them. As a matter of fact, I’m looking into a PayPal refund.

Shirley: I ordered a leopard print top back in June 2020 we are now 7th October and still nothing I think I’ve been very patient in waiting this long I have emailed so many times they keep saying email back in 9-10 days enough is enough its winter now I want a full refund they have my money and I haven’t got anything except getting very annoyed and angry at the way they are dealing with this!!!!

Anna: I ordered several things to try, but they all ran small, particularly in the bust. The shirt fabric was also really weird. Plus they came in three packages over three weeks more than a month after I ordered them. When I went to return the items I was told they would need to be shipped to China! Which is pretty ridiculous! I am most unhappy and warn everyone away from this company.

Peggy: I would give this Zero stars. this is a rip off Clothes looking nothing like what was ordered. No return information e closed. Took a month to receive. Lesson learned Do not buy from this company.

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