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Description Native Deodorant

Native deodorant is a non-toxic and gender-neutral deodorant that’s free of aluminum, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and talc. Deodorant contains coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda, magnesium hydroxide.

Main advantages

  • Effectively protects against odor.
  • Lightweight and residue-free.
  • Affordable.
  • Multiple scent options.
  • Aluminum, paraben & sulfate-free natural products.
  • Allows your body to work naturally.

Main disadvantages

  • It may take several weeks for the body to clear.


Expert reviews

90 %

Native Deodorant

4.5 out of 5 based on 24,636 reviews

Brittany: I’ve used Eucalyptus Mint for over a year, and haven’t went back. Scent is great, and doesn’t leave residue on my shirt. Also doesn’t leave any white dust or deodorant balls like other do. Only down side, it doesn’t last that long. But i hear that’s common with these au naturale deoderants. I’m a average to above average sweater. I apply it in the morning, and by afternoon it seems to have worn off. Then I apply again at night because I don’t like sleeping with stinky pits.

Missy: I loved it! It has a very nice smell like a fresh sent! I really recommend it to family , friends and anyone looking for a deodorant.

Ryan: I have had some recent underarm smell with using no No deodorant or other deodorants. After a short time of using, it seems this is very beneficial for for armpit odor.

Daniel: Surprised that I liked it to be honest. Was expecting heavy scented product which I don’t really care for. So I guess I will be sticking with it for now. Bought on a whim and glad I did.

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80 %


After the two-week transition process was over, I did notice that my armpits were a little less wet, but there really wasn’t anything particularly life-changing about using Native. It worked just like any normal deodorant would—which I would consider a success.

Although the wetness never fully went away, you do get used to the feeling and it does seem to lessen over time. In fact, I think that because my sweat ducts weren’t clogged with aluminum, I was actually less susceptible to massive sweat stains as I did while using antiperspirant. It’s as if, because my pits were freer, they didn’t overflow with stress sweat when the time came.

Native is a little more expensive compared to drugstore deodorant (around $12 a stick), but I’ll stick with it in my daily life. To me, the use of natural products and the sweet smell of coconut is completely worth it. Plus, they have new scents every season, like Vanilla & Rose or Aloe & Eucalyptus, and they make other natural products too, like toothpaste, soap, and body wash. Read full review…

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86 %

Regular Deodorant

4.3 out of 5 based on 27,112 reviews

Karen: The is three deodorant is good but not worth the price. Sorry.

Tiffany: The vanilla butter cream is my daughter and I favorite scent! Next to the tye dye cupcake there was! The scent stays all day, and even as a janitor ive only gotta reapply once more after my morning apply! Thanks native! Can’t wait to try that toasted marshmallow one next!

Christy: Love all the native products I’ve tried and use!. The Jasmine Sageis my favorite deodorant scent. Very clean scent.

Shirley: I am not a floral scented person…this is a very pleasant neutral scent.

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Native Deodorant [online].
48 %


2.4 out of 5 based on 58 reviews

Christopher: I love the whole Native line and even use their shower gels. I absolutely love their Coconut and Vanilla scent. The deo is paraben and aluminum free and all natural. It is very effective and long lasting as far as keeping odors at bay.

Clarissa: This worked initially, but then it stopped after a few weeks. I will not repurchase.

Mariett: I purchased the Lily and Cotton, smells like baby powder. It works okay, but definitely not worth $12…not sure if I’ll keep purchasing.

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Native Deodorant [online].
98 %

Native Deodorant

4.9 out of 5

Out of the numerous natural deodorants I’ve tried, Native’s Deodorant is one of the most effective on the market. It kept me smelling fresh all day long, even in my sweatiest moments. Read full review…

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100 %

Native Deodorant Review

No stranger to the world of natural deodorant, I’ve tried my fair share of non-toxic deodorants. They didn’t all work.

That’s why this Native Deodorant review was so important in helping my answer the question: Is Native deodorant legit?—something I know you’re here wondering too. Well, I’m relieved, happy, and excited to announce, that, yes, it is.

I only scratched the surface here with the scents available, and I can say with confidence that no matter your preference, you’ll find something you love from its collection of classic, limited edition, and seasonal scents.

High quality and effective, Native Deodorant smells great, but most importantly, it has solid endurance and customers are happy with what they get. What more could you ask for, seriously?

Just keep in mind, it’ll take 2 weeks to let your body purge those nasty aluminums, so stick it out. The benefits await on the other side. Read full review…

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84 %

Native Deodorant

4.2 out of 5 based on 908 reviews

Rosalia: A good deodorant, but not strong enough for my body oder in the hotter weather. Also a bit stiff to roll on.

Katherine: The best natural deodorant I’ve tried – better than Tom’s or the crystal. Texture is great, it’s a soft solid that glides on easily. LOVE the scent, and it actually works. I’ve been out working in the garden on 85-90 degree days and I smell like eucalyptus. It’s a dream! 

Olivia: Native deodorants are my absolute favorite. I have tried other brands of natural deodorant that either irritated my underarms or didn’t do a great job at dealing with body odor. With Native I only have to apply after I shower and smell fresh all through the day. They also have SO many amazing smells to choose from!

Trifena: This deodorant was good for the first few uses but overtime it mixed with the body odor and started smelling really bad. Plus it was really chalky and uncomfortable to apply.

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Native Deodorant [online].
90 %

Native Natural Deodorant

4.5 out of 5 based on 124 reviews

Ericka: The Native Eucalyptus & Mint Deodorant smells amazing, and because it contains shea butter and coconut oil it applies very smooth, and it doesn’t feel greasy at all, but it actually keeps me smelling good all day long. I really like this new Native Deodorant product.

Mara:  I love this native eucalyptus and mint deodorant, smells so lovely and subtle, paraben and aluminum free makes it even more awesome, I enjoy brands that care about what they offer to their customers. I recommend it to anyone.

Saharah: This smells awesome without being too overpowering and doesn’t irritate my pits. I don’t have excessive BO but this works effectively for someone with fairly average BO. I think the best quality is the pleasant but subtle fragrance.

Miguel: This smells awesome without being too overpowering and doesn’t irritate my pits. I don’t have excessive BO but this works effectively for someone with fairly average BO. I think the best quality is the pleasant but subtle fragrance.

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