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Description Moon Pod

The Moon Pod is a high-end, advanced version of a bean bag chair. It is designed to give you the perfect amount of support whether you are sitting, reclining, or lying down.

Main advantages

  • Easy to move, but also firm enough to be supportive.
  • Removable, washable cover.
  • Available in 5 different colors.
  • Beads inside the bag give a feeling of weightlessness and even, completely balanced support.
  • Sleek design, easily fits into any room style.
  • Durable – Lasts for years.

Main disadvantages

  • High price.
  • May be a little bulky for smaller spaces.
  • Larger body types may have a hard time completely fitting onto the standard.
  • Limited return policy and warranty.

Expert reviews

80 %

Moon Pod Review – The Bean Bag Chair Reimagined?

Although the Moon Pod comes in at $399 at full price, it provides a unique experience that a traditional bean bag can’t really compete with. This may not be the best fit for larger people or those with mobility issues (it can be difficult to get out of the chair), but if you are a small or medium-sized person, the Moon Pod can be quite comfortable! Read full review…

Moon Pod Bean Bag Chair Review (2022) | Mattress Clarity. Mattress Clarity | Personally Tested Product Reviews [online]. Copyright © 2022 [cit. 08.09.2022].


88 %

Moon Pod Reviews

In terms of support, the Moon Pod has a good blend of pressure point relief when sitting or reclining, while also offering support due to its constricted shape. This balance is something that many customers really appreciate during long term sitting and reclining activities, but its unique shape and feel may not work for every single customer. Read full review…

Moon Pod Reviews: Best 2022 Bean Bag Chair (or Avoid?). Slumber Search - 10,000+ Mattress Ratings & Reviews [online].
90 %

Moon Pod Review

I can say without a doubt that customers love this comfortable lounger. Many report that it relieves pain and provides comfort in a way that other chairs can’t.

Personally, it’s the perfect fit for a small apartment like mine. Portable, compact, and comfortable, it’s also more affordable than other options out there. Plus, MoonPod often offers sales and has Afterpay payment plans. Read full review…

Moon Pod Review - Must Read This Before Buying. We Review all the Best Brands - Honest Brand Reviews [online].
72 %


3.6 out of 5 based on 265 reviews

Emir: I received a wrong sleeve with the initial order, customer service was quick and easy to resolve my issue. Loved the live chat feature and didn’t have to wait around until someone got back to me.

Mona: I contacted customer service out of frustration and they went over the top in exceeding my expectations. In a time where customer service is lacking or even non existent MoonPod is the shining light of how it’s done.

Rae: So when you first slip the cover on and sit it’s not the perfect fit. You got wiggle into it to move the beads forming your preference. It’s great to relax in your own shape.

Glora: I have experienced excellent customer service from the Moonpod company, I’m not the best when it comes down to technology and they were very patient and helpful. The moonpod is very comfortable and high recommend it. The footstool and arm and headrest truly complete the experience.

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90 %

Moon Pod Review

Both my coworker and I were intrigued by the crescent-shaped Moon Pod. It’s pretty comfortable to sit on and easily conforms into a new shape. I think what really impressed me was how well it’d hold its figure when I sat or laid on it. It felt very supportive for a 12-pound adult bean bag! That being said, I also like how light it was and easy to carry around. It could be great for a living room, office space, kids’ room, or playing video games on. However, the company says they are not to be used by infants. Read full review…

Moon Pod Review | Sleepopolis. Sleepopolis - Mattress Reviews, Independent & Unbiased | Sleepopolis [online]. Copyright © 2022 Sleepopolis All Rights Reserved. [cit. 08.09.2022].
97 %

Moon Pod Review

The Moon Pod beanbag chair has an elongated body that is designed for lounging and flexible seating options where you need it. It is available in 5 different removable cover color options and uses a special YKK zipper for a child-proof closure. The filling is made up of 100% polystyrene foams beads that tend to be a pain if you have to remove them for any reason. However, in virtually all cases, these beads will never need to come out. There is a thin interior lining and a thicker outer cover to protect the beanbag. During our tests, we found the Moon Pod to be comfortable with moderate levels of sinkage, low levels of bounce, and a medium-firm feel. Read full review…

Moon Pod Review — 5 Objective Comfort Tests. Modern Castle - Product Reviews & Comparisons for Home [online]. Copyright © 2022 Silver Poodle, LLC. All Rights Reserved. [cit. 08.09.2022].
94 %

Moon Pod

4.7 out of 5 based on 2,455 reviews

Daniel: If you’re in the market for a bean bag chair and stumble upon the moon pod then you’re in the right place. Before purchasing I was very early about the product due to the price, but at the end of the day I’m so happy that I decided to purchase the moon pod. It is very very comfortable and is just a great product overall. Thank you moon pod.

Sheila: Best bean bag chair purchase I have ever made!

Beata: We are so happy to find such a great product, great for the whole family to use ! So happy! What a fantastic beginning for the New Year with new addition to our room!

Donna: I love it hardly took any time getting here I have been in moon pod ever since I got it really helps my body have a lot of heath problems especially with my back but it’s the best invention so far thank you for making the moon pod.

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Moon Pod [online].
84 %

Moon Pod: The New Must-Have, Zero-Gravity Seating

Moon Pod’s flagship, zero-gravity beanbag chair marks a massive step forward in the evolution of beanbag technology and supportive, soft, adaptive seating (yeah, I never thought I’d write that sentence, either).

From its cool, modern style to its comfortable, balanced, ergonomic design Moon Pod has successfully replaced the uncomfortable, unsupportive, cringe-worthy bean bag chairs we all remember sticking to in summers past — with something worth sitting in.

Moon Pod delivers adaptive, ergonomic support for all body types and posture preferences, helping to alleviate neck and back pain, promoting tension release, reducing anxiety, and delivering regular stress relief.

Additionally, Moon Pod covers come in a variety of sleek colors, from space gray to rose quartz, and look completely natural (and non-beanbag-like) in any living or bedroom. Read full review…


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80 %

Moon Pod Review – The Bean Bag Chair Reimagined?

The #moonpod is unlike any bean bag chair I’ve ever seen. This is the #beanbagchair reinvented, a supportive and comfortable option that provides a #zerogravity experience. But, who is the #moonpod a good fit for?

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