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Mint Mobile, LLC is a mobile virtual network operator in the United States on the T-Mobile network. It is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California. The company was founded in 2015 as Mint SIM, a subsidiary of Ultra Mobile, by David Glickman, also the founder of Ultra Mobile, and Rizwan Kassim. The network offers cheap phones and tariffs. Mint Mobile plans offer 5G, mobile hotspotting, and competitive data allowances andwant to get rid of things like crazy fees, expensive contracts and total nonsense.

Main advantages

  • Works with almost any GSM phone
  • Simple multi-month discounts
  • Free calls to Mexico and Canada
  • Mobile hotspot included
  • Add-on data is cheap
  • 5G access on every plan
  • Affordable plans
  • Unlimited data

Main disadvantages

  • Unlimited plan slowed at 35GB of usage
  • Videos are limited to SD on unlimited
  • T-Mobile coverage isn’t great everywhere
  • Deprioritization

Expert reviews

96 %

Mint Mobile

4.8 out of 5 based on 19,353 reviews

Jessica: Great service. Highly recommend! No more dropped calls or spam calls either.

Hasna: This is love. Network quality is good and their Internet service also very good with a affordable cost. i highly recommending mint.

Ronnie: My wife and I left att for Mint Mobile and saved $96 a month. So far it has been a great experience. Very easy change over to Mint and the costumer service has been wonderful. Mint Mobile will even let you know if you are paying them to much and will recommend a cheaper plan that might be best for you. Unbelievable!!!!

Amanda: It’s a good price for workable service–there were some hiccups initially but customer service seems to have resolved them. 

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80 %

Mint Mobile review: Tons of data with multi-month savings

4.0 out of 5 based 

Mint Mobile is one of the most compelling prepaid wireless options on the market. The idea of paying for months of service upfront in bulk is a unique concept that allows you to get pretty fantastic value. We also love the expansive phone support, solid download speeds, and included mobile hotspot. Read full review…

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86 %

Mint Mobile

4.3 out of 5 based on 18,448 reviews

Tiffany: Great reviews were why I tried it, and of course the price. I get about the same service as I did before, which is nearly none inside my house. Great outside so it’s probably my house at this point. No issues with Mint, but was hoping it would be better than before.

Alexander: I am enjoying the mint mobile service for a couple of weeks and my wife and I are very happy with the provider.

Heather: I am very happy with the price I am paying for this plan. However, as far as the coverage is concerned it is lacking. Frequently I have 4-5 bars and still am told I have no coverage even if I connect to a Wi-Fi this happens sometimes. Also, texts, etc.. do not come through and then all of a sudden I get 30 of them! At times I have to turn my phone on and off again to make sure I didn’t miss any texts or to see if I can get the data or coverage to work. This is very frustrating as I had no issues with any of these things with my previous carrier.
I would be completely “sold” if these things weren’t an issue. I hope these issues can be resolved.

Tracy: Once I activated my account my service has been just as good as my previous big named carrier. No calls drop, texts and voicemail show up immediately. Highly recommend!

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80 %

Mint Mobile

4.0 out of 5 based on 9,753 reviews

Ken: You get what you pay for. Customer service is non existent. I tried to spend extra money and never could get a human to answer a question. Will be switching once my prepaid plan expires.

Keyon: It’s very useful and works when I need it too. I’ll probably keep mint forever.

Ramona: After reading a lot of negative reviews it is clear to me that most people just didn’t follow instructions. We switched to Mint from Verizon and 2 new phones were set up and numbers transferred in less than 15 minutes total. Everything works like a charm!

Lucy: Great service. It took me about a week to get a resolution to me not accessing my mint mobile account. The first representative could not figure it out, but the second one instantly solved the problem.

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74 %

Mint Mobile

3.7 out of 5 based on 7,52K reviews

Celeste: I’m very happy with Mint as a service provider! You can’t beat their prices, and I have coverage most everywhere I go. Unfortunately, their app almost always gives me an error message of “oops, something went wrong please try again later” whenever I try to check my data usage. I’ve tried unistalling and reinstalling, checking when I’m on wifi or off, etc, and nothing seems to fix that bug. As I said though, I still highly recommend mint itself as a mobile provider!

Shelby: Disappointed with mint’s service. I’m writing this in hopes that they improve because I like what they’re trying to do but they’re not there yet. The service definitely has slow points and when I enter remote areas I’m always the first one to lose service. Which is a deal breaker for me as an outdoorsy person. Again, I hope they become more reliable as most cellular providers are wildly overcharging.

Josie: Absolutely amazing! Super easy set up, not to mention awesome customer service! Quick and easy. If I could rate this higher if I would, I spoke to live people when I needed help, they’re there for you no matter how silly of an issue. Activation was easier than i thought thanks to the reps and easy transfer! The app is awesome first off not paying a phone bill every month game changer for sure! I’ll be recommending this service to anyone.

Anita: Excellent service. Love that I don’t have a monthly bill anymore. Never experience any lack of quality, clear calling. No problems when not connected to WiFi having to worry about data on the unlimited plan. It is especially nice being single as I get the best rates without having to have multiple lines for it. Highly recommend!

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94 %

Mint Mobile

4.7 out of 5 based on 27,1KK reviews

Kenzie: We accidentally found out about MINT due to Ryan Reynolds. After looking up if he had any current movies we saw he had a phone company. We looked online and loved how sarcastic and humorous the website was. We checked into the places we went and found they had service in the area. After trialing the 7 day card we decided to make the jump. My husband has the unlimited plan and I have the 4 GB plan. We were able to transfer over our numbers and keep our phones. It was a very smooth process. I love the price we are paying and that he gets more internet that I hope he needs. We’ve also found that in some areas we previously had issues with internet (example is our Tin shop) we now have full bars. Not sure how or why were able to have access to internet but I’m not going to complain. Absolutely love the company. 100% would recommend.

Eleanor: I spent two weeks trying to get Mint Mobile to help fix whatever was wrong with my number transfer, losing business, losing a lot of time, and losing money. Mint Mobile would have me on phone calls for hours only to not fix the problem, ask me to wait 48 hours to see if the transfer went through, and then have to start the process over again. My case got escalated to the port department twice and they never got back to me, a manager was supposed to return my call within three hours yesterday to three way call with me and my previous carrier to resolve the problem and they never got back to me. No one at Mint Mobile ever did anything real to help me.

Dani: Ordered a plan to try out, because I saw they promise a 7 days full refund tryout period. Their service didn’t work for me so decided on the 6th day to cancel my service and request a refund. They have declined my refund. Called them again, have been promised that I will receive the refund as it was a mistake from their end, got declined again. Spoke to a manager, who read all the notes of my issue, he apologized countless amount of times and agreed with me that I am in the right, and promised me that it will be taken care of. After he escalated the issue, with all the notes and screenshots, they still declined the refund. So they just stole my money and they are a company full of lies! Don’t trust them!

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