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Lume Deodorant

Description Lume Deodorant

Lume is an innovator in the natural deodorant space with its line of vegan, aluminum-free, cruelty-free, and baking soda-free deodorants. Why their products stand out: they’re not only intended for the underarms, and can be used effectively on any external part of your body.

Main advantages

  • Free of baking soda and aluminum.
  • Offers a variety of natural scents.
  • Doctor tested.
  • Does not leave stains.
  • Clinically proven to control odor for 72 hours.
  • Money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.
  • Free US shipping over $20.

Main disadvantages

  • High prices.
  • For some customers the product did not last 72 hours.
  • Someone smells after used this product.

Expert reviews

50 %

Lume Deodorant

2.5 out of 5 based on 10 reviews

Adam: Tried it for about a week, prepped my clothes, and applied the small amount as instructed. Halfway through a busy serving shift, I smelled absolutely terrible. And not my normal musk, it smelled more like straight weed. Was really disappointed that on a busy day at work it doesn’t even make it halfway through my shift. Wanted to return the product, however you can only one item. That’s it. I purchased the deodorant and tube cream. Don’t waste your time and money on this product.

Heather: It works amazing! It smells amazing! It doesn’t cause any irritation because it is entirely natural and you can literally put it anywhere on your body.

John: The reviews are interesting? Some say it works while others swear it doesn’t. I purchased and tried the Lume body wash, the tube deodorant, the stick deodorant, the wipes, and the body butter lotion. I thoroughly showered and to my delight IT WORKED!

Vanessa: I thoroughly disappointed in this product and the hyperclaiming of “72 hrs of protection”. Not only did it not work for me, it made me smell awful in the process. I faithfully tried all the tips and tricks and still had a terrible result. I wish I could get back those few months where I was self conscious about going near family and friends while using this product. I tried all three and am very disappointed in the product and the company. Wouldn’t wish this stench on anyone. Rock crystal is a fraction of the cost and works much better!

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80 %

Lume Deodorant Review: Healthier Than Regular Deodorant?

Lume appears to be a high-quality personal care brand with excellent formulators that use effective and safe ingredients. We believe that the unscented versions of their deodorant, soap and body butter are all superior to most commercial personal care brand alternatives, and we would recommend the unscented version of all three categories of Lume products.

We urge Lume to share the actual research behind the clinical claims they make, which we disagree with. We don’t believe it’s fair to make marketing claims about superiority compared to competitors with no way for consumers to access the research backing those claims.

Overall, we’re pleasantly surprised by the formulation of Lume’s personal care products, and this is the first personal care brand to date we’ve recommended to consumers. Read full review…

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52 %

Lume Deodorant

2.6 out of 5 based on 74 reviews

Jennifer: This is an excellent product ! Highly recommend. The soap is my favorite.

Sammy: I kept waiting to see what the reviews were regarding this Lume product Plus I notice I had to buy in bulk…. I broke down bought it ONLY to find out it has a sour odor…. (before using) They have different scents it didn’t mask the sour odor I did order in bulk and had gifted the rest of my order. I asked for their opinion they also didn’t care an/or did not work for them….

Karen: This product in the deodorant and cream form smell so sour despite being scented. To me, it smelled worse than the odor it was supposed to prevent. Smell made me gag. Sending back for full refund. For reference, I ordered the lavender sage scent.

Michele: I ordered 2 tubes of Lume just to sample. Best choice I’ve made in a long time. This stick works wonderful. Its not like all others that mask the smell underneath. Its awesome. Gonna order allot more. Its worth the price. Try it.

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Lume Deodorant [online].
56 %

Deodorant Lume

2.8 out of 5 based on 50 reviews

Janet: This deodorant has a nasty “old scent” I would say its one step above body oder! I would never want to put this on after a shower again. I made my husband and best girl friend smell it and they said yes it has an “off” smell! Don’t waste your money. I’m a hopeful person but this was a severe disappointment.

Jamua: This stuff is great. When I use it, I don’t stink AT ALL. And it works for at least two days (even after a shower) before I need to reapply. I don’t love the scent, but it dissipates in a few minutes. You only need a pea-sized amount, which makes the containers last a long time. Frankly, I’m surprised by all the negative reviews. I’ve recommended Lume to so many people and will continue buying it.

Nina: I wanted this to be the one. It’s not. After a while it stopped working. On top of that it gave me a yeast thing under my arms. Very bad rash. So this is not great. But I loved the concept.

Lydia: I’ve been using this product for almost a week now. I purchased this in silver sprice and the tube. So far, this product is the best I’ve ever used. This is not an antiperspirant, so will not prevent sweat. I’ve been using non antiperspirant for over a year now, but was having trouble finding something that would last all day. Lume does.

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88 %

Lume Deodorant

4.4 out of 5 based on 9,007 reviews

Melissa: Worst customer experience I have ever had! Paid for a product that was never received. And all they can say is file a claim with USPS AFTER 45 days. No refund, no remailing the products I ordered and PAID FOR. NOTHING! I will post this message everywhere I can to get the word outso no one loses their money.

Courtney: Definitely doesn’t last as long as they claim… if I wear it to work it wears off half way through my shift. And I don’t even work in a super hot environment. Not worth the price at all.

Danielle: Not impressed. Although the stick deodorant smells good it doesn’t provide full day coverage. The cream deodorant has a very odd smell. I do not feel it is worth the cost unfortunately.

Kimberly: Simply amazing deodorant. I’m a nurse and regardless of the weather outside, it’s always hot where I work and I start sweating and feeling self conscious about odor ten minutes after I arrive on shift. Lume is amazing. I can get home after 16 hours and not be smelly, stinky or even sticky!

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Lume Deodorant [online].
100 %

I Tried Lume’s BO-Busting System And I’m Never Going Back

I’m usually the first to note the price, and if you repeatedly order the whole spectrum of products, it definitely isn’t cheap. Yet perhaps more so than any product I’ve yet to review for TQE, it is 1000% worth it. I already have my cart ready to start a subscription on each one of these products, and the thought doesn’t even make me wince. The only possible reason to not run and buy this stuff immediately is if you’re one of those magical fairies who doesn’t sweat or smell very strongly. In which case, good for you –– stick to rubbing tea tree oil under your pits or whatever low-maintenance wizardry you people can get away with. Read full review…

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80 %

My Honest Lume Deodorant Review for 2022 (Plus, Lume Scents Ranked)

The time has come to make the ultimate verdict for this Lume review. Is Lume Deodorant worth it? Should you buy it? The short answer is yes.

Lume does what it claims to do – it stops body odor at the source and does so without artificial or harmful ingredients. Plus, it’s safe for delicate areas and sensitive skin.

Lume is a bit expensive when you compare it to regular deodorant. But when you look at the price compared to other natural deodorants, it’s pretty comparable.

And considering how long it lasts, the price is relatively reasonable. If you’re going to buy natural deodorant, it will cost between $10 and $20 dollars per package.

The real caveat of Lume Deodorant is the smell. The formula itself is a bit unpleasant and none of the fragrances are anything to write home about.

But the formula’s smell disappears after you apply it and the fragrance isn’t what’s working to control odor.

If you’re like me and love a fragrant aroma, you can supplement your Lume Deodorant with your favorite perfume. Or, if you’re the opposite of me, opt for the unscented version.

While the fragrance issue keeps me from saying that I absolutely love Lume, I believe it works wonders for odor control, so I’ll continue to use it because of that. Read full review…

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90 %

Lume Deodorant Review

Lume deodorant is a versatile all-body product, completely natural and safe for the skin. When you combine safety, multi-functionality, and countless positive reviews, Lume deodorant comes out on top.

Sometimes finding the right product for you requires a little trial and error, or initial research to make sure that it’s right for you. If you have allergies or sensitive skin, keep this in mind when consulting Lume deodorant ingredients. Many people describe Lume as life-changing, so I think it’s worth a shot. Read full review…

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76 %

Lume Natural Deodorant

3.8 out of 5 based on 48,537 reviews

Robyn: Beware the unscented variety of this product! For most products, unscented means without a scent, but for Lume, it means it smells like all the ingredients minus the benefit of fruit and flowers. As some others who have reviewed this line of products have mentioned, the base product smells like vomit. I tried to like it but had to throw it out—even though they claim the scent fades, I suspect you just become nose blind to it. SO, I have tried the lavender/sage and find it much more acceptable. The smell is fairly pleasant, and it works like a charm.

Tina: Do not like the cream at all. It takes a while to dry and have to leave your arms in an upward position to move the drying process along. It does work quit well tho. I will buy this again but try the solid stick next time. I recommend unscented, the tangerine smells really bad but
Aroma only lasts until the cream dries.

Kally: I got the clean tangerine sent. It smells like ass and oranges. I am pregnant so my smell is a little off but I’ve asked other people and they also do not like it. Otherwise it’s great. It’s the only deodorant that actually works and doesn’t give me a chemical burn. I don’t end up stinking for a while, except for the ass smell. Don’t get this sent.

Holly: It works! I will definitely buy it again, but maybe a different scent. Not super fond of the Vanilla.

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