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LightInTheBox is a global online retail company that delivers products directly to consumers around the world. Founded in 2007, LightInTheBox has offered customers a convenient way to shop for a wide selection of lifestyle products at attractive prices. LightInTheBox offers products in the categories of apparel and other general merchandise.

Main advantages

  • Navigating the store is easy
  • Good prices
  • Safe and secure payments

Main disadvantages

  • Material has a lower quality
  • Longer delivery time
  • Sizes don´t match the european ones

Expert reviews

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4.0 out of 5 based on 119,273 reviews

Mark: Are you kidding me with these shipping charges? You advertise “cheap” sweatshirts, and then when checking out, you add a shipping fee that is either 1/3 of the price or 1/2 of the price if you want it a little faster. Either way is very slow (1-2 business days to process and 4-7 business days for shipping). I think I will stick with Amazon with free next day or same day delivery.

Glenda B: have to check size chart for each item- some size charts only go to XXL but offer XXXL? confusing what we may get. ALSO ready to check out a number of times but told to try later as it was slow. not at all happy and i think your shipping rates are a bit on high side. i did appreciate a coupon for $6 when u say plus size for men I do not think a 3x is plus size. please offer larger plus for men tall and big.thank you

Gabrielle Hartley: I’m puzzled with the system of payment, I paid with PayPal and first total of payment was $157.00 then it recalibrated a total through LightInThe Box and total became $203.xx I don’t know now if I’ve paid two amounts. Please let me know what the final totals are.

Dawn M. Nevills: Absolutely wonderful designs and product availability – excellent value for the price, and very good quality materials. I have never been disappointed with anything I have purchased, either for myself, or for someone else. Thank you!

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LightInTheBox reviews

3.5 out of 5 based on 7,152 reviews

Marie H.: Very disappointed with the goods that took more than 3 weeks to receive it. It doesn’t look any where closer to the pictures posted. They don’t want to refund and offering a 10% discount. Don’t touch them even with a barge pole. They do not have a place to get some help nor return policy services. Very bad material, bad stitching, I have left with a outfit that I would never wear in a million years… £62.38 is drown the drain! Please watch out for this website.

Robert C.: I bought a faucet from them that I wanted to use after I finished remodeling my bathroom. Unfortunately, the faucet does not fit and I cannot use it. I have tried to submit ticket numbers and the staff has not been helpful at all. They are acting like I didn’t buy it from them when the order is right in my account. I am trying to return this faucet as it was rather pricey and I cannot afford to eat the cost. Update: the company has reached out and is offering a full refund so I am waiting to hear back from them. They have been really helpful so far that I am willing to buy from them in the future.

Brian D.: I have ordered a number of different items and have generally been very pleased. It would be nice if the items descriptions provided information on what materials/fabrics are used. Also the delays from the time of order to when an item will be shipped should be provided. Currently all that is shown for status is “Processing” and you don’t know if that means it will take one day, one week or one month. But I think the variety of items and their quality have been excellent

Erica C.: Not only are the products beyond lousy I mean like a bait and switch type of deal. All material is super thin, smells funky and surely won’t last more than one wash. Once you purchase they tack on a hefty shipping fee and taxes, so what seemed cheap becomes expensive (like 13 to 25$ more). Beyond the awful products, which I can’t even return or sell it’s such garbage, they won’t let you return items. And they charged my credit card two times more after my initial purchase, I had to report it and close my card. This app is no Shein. Buyer beware.

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3.5 out of 5 based on 686 reviews

Ronald: This site is really very amazing for doing online shopping. My experience with Lightinthebox is very good. I order many things from this site and I got my product on-time with the amazing quality. Recently I order a Shirt for myself. The Shirt is very good in looking and the quality of product is also very good as always. I also want to recommend this site to everyone to shop online from here.

Amanda: After using a couple other sites that have less expensive items but pay in shipping. Light in The Box has by far been the best. Especially when it comes to customer support. My family has loved almost everything we’ve received. Most often fairly quick delivery as well.

Kimberly: I absolutely love LightInthebox for tights, however I was surprised that I had to pay duty fees. I got my tights on sale but now it defeats the purpose. I had to pay almost $40 in duty fees. I highly recommend them but next time I will only order one at a time as they get mailed this way

Jeffrey: I won’t spend much time providing details as the details are documented in numerous reviews. What I will state, is “RUN”! is the biggest scam that I have encountered. Their merchandise is poorly constructed and not true to size, i.e., you will need to order a 4X in order to receive a 2X. And because this is a China base company you can forget to receive a refund. The company offers you 25% credit on the money spent, or you can ship the item back at $45-$65 USD in order to receive a full refund. Again, “RUN” as there are so many other companies one can choose from.

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3.1 out of 5 based on 1,594 reviews

Tatyana: I bought 3 items. 2 pairs of pants are terrible, look like homemade clothes, very cheap, oversized, poor fabric. A stud earring was ok. I gave them 3 feedback, they placed on their website only good one, 2 bad ones about the pants are not there. I won’t buy there anymore.

Bev: Navigating the store was easy. There were oodles of choices available, often with a range of colours for the same item – good for matching to my best colour range. Quality of the fabric and finished product is most acceptable. The colours are not as vibrant as the online photos show.

Anita: Do not bother cheap chinese fashion! Dress ordered is a 2 dollar item and I paid 40 bucks! Terrible quality and even supplied minor offcuts in the same package.

Joan: Good customer service and, so far, a surprisingly high product quality. I’ll be favouring them over Amazon wherever possible for ethical reasons, and now service and product quality also. Very impressed!

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4.0 out of 5 based on 116744 reviews

Ian Jones: Ordered shorts large thought I was ordering from uk company as site days Royal Mail with uk flag etc but they are from China, takes an age to arrive then clothes are Chinese sizes so my large shorts would probably fit a 10 year old kid, you cannot contact company at all and for refund gave to pay to ship to China and then hope that this contactless company refund you, best option take the loss better still don’t order in first place scan alert.

Marie: The descriptions and pictures did not match the dress I ordered. The picture showed obvious pleats in the front of the dress in the picture on line, giving the dress a from-fitting look. There are no pleats and the dress looks like a tent, and fits the same way. It’s not even close to looking like the picture. Even my husband could tell the difference and said that the dress looks like an old lady’s dress. Light in the Box definitely stages their clothes differently than the real thing.

Michelle: Would have given zero if an option… first delivery of one item poor quality and not as described.. arrive in poor condition. Second part of the order never arrived… although site says you can return items, this is not true. They try to barter with you keep the product… DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY HERE!!!!

Dan: Just make sure you are willing to eat the expense if what you order isn’t right. They are not good about processing returns and freely admit it will cost you too much to return.

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Light In The Box

Average rating of 3.03 from 665 reviews

Jason: Light in the box is a well organized online clothing store, the quality of there clothes is good and shipping was faster than expected

Rhidah: The quality of the products that I ordered and received came in really good packinging and the quality of it was very good I’ve seen similar products for more money but it’s on par for me better I would really recommend you shop here it’s a good company thanks hope this review helps someone it’s a 5 stars for me.

Ros: the quality of the clothes is very good and I like the way you are kept updated once the item shipped. Unfortunately, the time it takes once it reaches South Africa is unacceptably long (over a month)

Marilette: Don’t use them! EVER! I paid extra for delivery, it’s been more than a month! I don’t have anything. Apparently they were at the delivery address, but I was not home. Next thing they tell me, the courier company can’t find my address on the map. I went through my security footage. No one was here! I am still waiting, and I’m not getting any useful help from customer support either! Really useless

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I didn’t have the slightest problem with LightInTheBox, they were even able to demonstrate that they kept their promise with the insurance for the customs fees. Unlike Gearbest, their customer service is efficient and you don’t have to exchange dozens of messages to get something. At first I should recommend you to buy products on this site but I can’t do so without putting my finger on the problem related to warranties. Buying something on LightInTheBox involves a risk because if the product doesn’t work anymore after the short warranty period, you won’t have any recourse.

It’s a bit of a gamble because if the purchased product works properly, the lack of warranty will have no impact. My mum still uses the first smartphone I bought from them and it still works very well. So you need to assess the risk for your situation. Before buying on a Chinese site, you should always compare and not be too quick to be tempted by the price at the risk of ending up with a bad product.

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LightInTheBox Online Shopping

3.4 out of 5 based on 139K reviews

Lori: App review: The app is fine. Like any app, it works. Product review: I’ve received 1 of my 2 orders so far. Items do come from China, shipping is good considering that. Some fabrics are thin. Some are not. Always watch sizing! That is a big issue, because it isn’t feasible to pay to return. You pay for your own return. Even when I followed the size chart I still had sizing issues. Their prices are very cheap, so you risk not being able to wear the clothing yourself. Trade off price/size

Teresa: I ordered an 8 dollar ponytail hair clip, let me say I was extremely surprised with quality. The hair is synthetic, but I was able to straighten it and it kept its shine. Am getting ready to order a few more things and I will keep you posted. My only negative is the shipping was a little longer than I wanted, but it was not late. Gone shopping lightinthebox!!

John: Very Good. One thing is that i wish there was an option to have your filters on different things you search instead of only having it for one thing and when you search for something else you get your filters erased. Over all a good app get it instead of using it on the web browser if your on a phone. 

Patricia: Very easy to buy stuff on the app like she in, but unfortunately high shipping costs and when the clothes come they are very cheap copies on the original picture and it’s hard to get a refund! They keep offering me percentages to try and get me to keep the item.. and also I have to pay to send the item back. Very expensive mistake ordering from this company.

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