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Honeylove.com review.

Description HoneyLove.com

HoneyLove.com is a website specializing in high-quality lingerie, shapewear, and undergarments designed for women of various shapes and sizes. The brand is known for its focus on creating products that offer both comfort and support, catering to a wide range of body types. Here are some key aspects of HoneyLove.com:

  • Product Range: HoneyLove.com offers a variety of products including shapewear, bras, briefs, clothing, pajamas, and activewear. Their shapewear is particularly noted for its slimming and shaping capabilities.
  • Design and Quality: The products are designed with an emphasis on quality and effectiveness. They are known for their comfortable fit, seamless design, and the ability to provide natural lifting and sculpting.
  • Inclusive Sizing: One of the notable features of HoneyLove.com is its inclusive sizing, ensuring that there are options available for a wide range of body types.
  • Online Presence: HoneyLove.com operates primarily as an online retailer, making it accessible to a broad audience. They also have their products available in select retail stores.
  • Marketing Approach: HoneyLove.com’s marketing focuses on body positivity and empowering women to feel confident and comfortable in their clothing. However, there have been some criticisms regarding their messaging in marketing campaigns.

Overall, HoneyLove.com positions itself as a premium brand in the lingerie and shapewear market, with a strong emphasis on quality, comfort, and inclusivity.

Illustrative image for the reviewed product HoneyLove.com. Source: Dall-E.

Illustrative image for the reviewed web HoneyLove.com. Source: Dall-E.

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Last review update: 8. 1. 2024

Main advantages

  • Outstanding Customer Service: Many reviews highlight the fast and helpful responses from the company’s customer service team.
  • Satisfaction with Product Fit and Quality: Customers generally express satisfaction with the fit and quality of Honeylove’s products, particularly their shapewear and bras.
  • Inclusive Sizing: Honeylove is praised for offering inclusive sizing options, catering to a wide range of body types.
  • Comfort and Effectiveness: The products, especially the shapewear, are noted for being comfortable and effective in slimming and shaping the body.
  • Natural Lifting and Sculpting Abilities: The bras and briefs are appreciated for their natural lifting and sculpting effects, enhancing the wearer’s confidence.
  • Availability in Select Stores: In addition to their website, Honeylove products are available in select retail stores like Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and Von Maur.

Main disadvantages

  • High Costs and Return Complications: There are mentions of the products being expensive and some difficulties associated with the return process.
  • Dissatisfaction with Quality or Fit: A few customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality or fit of the products.
  • Potential for Creating a ‘Uniboob’ Effect: Concerns were raised about certain bras potentially creating a ‘uniboob’ effect, especially for those with a similar size.
  • Cup Spillover for Larger Sizes: Some users reported issues with cup spillover, particularly for larger cup sizes, indicating that the bras might not be suitable for everyone.
  • Negative Messaging in Marketing: There is criticism about the brand’s marketing approach, with some users perceiving it as body shaming due to negative messaging about body features like “back fat” and “bra bulges.”
  • Confusing Sizing and Gaps Under Arms: For some bras, customers found the sizing confusing and experienced gaps under the arms, which affected the overall fit and comfort.
  • Visible Lines Under Clothing: A few customers noted that some bras had visible lines under clothing, which could be a drawback for those seeking a seamless look.

Expert reviews

68 %

HoneyLove Reviews from Trustpilot.com

Based on the reviews provided, the e-shop in question seems to have a mix of very positive and quite negative experiences from its customers. The positive reviews often highlight outstanding customer service, fast and helpful responses from the company, and satisfaction with the products’ fit and quality. On the other hand, negative reviews frequently mention issues with sizing, especially for customers outside the US, high costs and complications associated with returns, and dissatisfaction with the quality or fit of the products.

Considering the overall sentiment and the distribution of star ratings, the final score for this e-shop would be calculated based on the weightage of each star category. Here’s how it can be computed:

  • Calculating the average rating by multiplying the percentage of reviews in each category by its corresponding weight and summing these values.
  • Converting this weighted average into a percentage score.

Based on the weighted analysis of the review ratings, the final score for the e-shop is approximately 68%. This score reflects a moderate to good level of customer satisfaction overall, taking into account both the positive and negative aspects of customer experiences as reported in the reviews

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HoneyLove Reviews [online]. [cited 08. 01. 2024]. Available from: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/honeylove.co


84 %

Honeylove Reviews from Sitejabber.com

The content from the page reviewing Honeylove, an e-commerce site specializing in undergarments, provides a mix of customer feedback. Honeylove has an overall rating of 4.2 stars from 5 reviews, suggesting that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. The site ranks 13th among underwear sites.

The reviews include both positive and negative experiences:

  • Positive Reviews: Customers have praised the product quality and customer service. One user appreciated the inclusive sizing and effective customer service in resolving a shipment issue. Another highlighted the support and comfort provided by the bras, especially for larger busts. The bras are described as comfortable, soft, and suitable for different body types.
  • Negative Review: A customer expressed dissatisfaction, labeling the site as fraudulent and claiming that the products received were cheap knockoffs instead of the advertised high-end products.

The site’s ratings in various aspects like service, value, shipping, returns, and quality are all marked as 1, which might be a default or placeholder rating, as it doesn’t align with the overall positive tone of the reviews.

Given the predominantly positive reviews and high overall satisfaction indicated by the 4.2-star rating, Honeylove could be scored around 84% on a scale from 0% to 100%. This score reflects the general customer satisfaction and the quality of products and services, despite the presence of a critical review.

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Honeylove Reviews - 5 Reviews of Honeylove.com | Sitejabber [online]. [cited 08. 01. 2024]. Available from: https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/honeylove.com
60 %

Has anyone tried the “Honey Love” bras? They look very comfortable but the sizes are not in cup. from Reddit.com

The discussion on the page revolves around the “Honey Love” bras, with various users sharing their opinions and experiences:

  • Concerns About Body Shaming: One user criticizes the brand for negative messaging about body features like “back fat” and “bra bulges,” suggesting it feels like body shaming.
  • Seeking Comfort and Fit: The original poster is more interested in knowing if the bras are comfortable and well-fitting, regardless of the brand’s marketing approach.
  • Debate Over Body Shaming: Another user questions the notion of body shaming in the context of addressing bulges, implying that addressing such issues might be more about comfort.

Mixed User Experiences:

  • One user describes the bras as potentially suitable for those with a small difference between bust and band size but not for larger cup sizes, citing a personal experience of discomfort.
  • Another user expresses satisfaction with the bra, finding it comfortable for their 38DDD size.
  • Concerns are raised about the potential for creating a ‘uniboob’ effect, especially for those with a similar size.
  • A user who plans to try the product indicates ongoing curiosity.
  • Another user reports a negative experience with the fit, experiencing issues with cup spillover and questioning the sizing guide for larger cup sizes.

Given these varied experiences and opinions, it’s challenging to assign a definitive score. However, considering the concerns about fit for larger sizes, potential issues in marketing, and some positive feedback, a balanced score might be around 60%. This score reflects the mixed nature of the reviews, with both positive and negative aspects highlighted.

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Has anyone tried the “Honey Love” bras? They look very comfortable but the sizes are not in cup.[online]. [cited 08. 01. 2024]. Available from: https://www.reddit.com/r/ABraThatFits/comments/135xcdc/has_anyone_tried_the_honey_love_bras_they_look/
90 %

Honeylove Reviews 2024 – Read Before You Buy from Thingtesting.com

The content on the page is focused on reviews of Honeylove, an e-commerce site specializing in high-quality clothing and shapewear for women of various shapes and sizes. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with users sharing their satisfaction with the products.

  • Effectiveness and Comfort: One user highlights Honeylove as the most effective shapewear they own, noting its slimming effect and comfort, even comparing it favorably to similar products from other brands like Spanx.
  • Personal Confidence Boost: Another reviewer expresses their love for Honeylove items, stating that the products help them present themselves confidently to the world.
  • Quality, Washability, and Customer Service: A third user praises Honeylove for the comfort, machine washability, and effectiveness of their shapewear. They also commend the brand’s customer service, especially regarding inquiries and returns.

Based on these reviews, Honeylove appears to excel in providing effective, comfortable shapewear with commendable customer service. The positive feedback on product quality, effectiveness, and customer support suggests a high level of customer satisfaction.

Given the consistently positive nature of these reviews, Honeylove could be scored around 90% on a scale from 0% to 100%. This score reflects the overall customer satisfaction and the quality of products and services as indicated by the reviews.

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Honeylove Reviews 2024 - Read Before You Buy | Thingtesting [online]. [cited 08. 01. 2024]. Available from: https://thingtesting.com/brands/honeylove/reviews
95 %

Honest Honeylove Shapewear and Bra Review from Lizzieinlace.com

The page features an extensive and detailed review of Honeylove shapewear and bras by Elizabeth Hugen, a fashion blogger from “Lizzie in Lace.” She provides her honest, unsponsored opinions on various Honeylove products.

Key Points of the Review:

  • Brand Overview: Honeylove is known for high-quality lingerie, including shapewear, bras, clothing, pajamas, and activewear.
  • Product Quality and Comfort: Elizabeth praises the comfort and effectiveness of Honeylove bras, noting their natural lift and seamless fit. She specifically mentions the V-Neck Bra and Silhouette Bra, highlighting their comfort, flattering fit, and true-to-size nature.
  • Washing Instructions: The bras are easy to wash, requiring removal of pads and gentle washing in a garment bag.
  • Briefs Review: The matching briefs are also highly rated for their lifting and sculpting abilities, adding to the wearer’s confidence without causing panty lines.
  • Shapewear Review: Elizabeth discusses various shapewear options like the LiftWear Cami, SuperPower Thong, Brief, and Short. She appreciates their seamless design, comfort, and flattering fit. The shapewear is noted for not rolling down, a common concern with such products.
  • Before and After Experience: She observes noticeable improvements in body shape when wearing Honeylove products, mentioning a smoother, more lifted appearance without visible lines.
  • Comparison with Other Brands: Honeylove is compared favorably to Skims, Thirdlove, and Eby in terms of comfort, fabric quality, and sizing.
  • Availability: Honeylove products are available in select stores like Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and Von Maur, besides their website.
  • Overall Recommendation: Elizabeth highly recommends Honeylove for its beauty, flattering design, and comfort, emphasizing its confidence-boosting qualities.

Based on this thorough and positive review, focusing on comfort, quality, and effectiveness, Honeylove can be rated highly. Considering the detailed positive feedback and comparisons with other brands, a score of around 95% seems appropriate. This score reflects the reviewer’s satisfaction with the product range, quality, and overall experience with Honeylove.

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HONEST Honeylove Shapewear and Bra Review - Lizzie in Lace [online]. [cited 08. 01. 2024]. Available from: https://www.lizzieinlace.com/honeylove-review/
87 %

Ratings & Reviews Honeylove bra from Dillards.com

The content on the page consists of customer reviews for a bra, with an overall rating of 4.33 out of 5 stars. The reviews provide insights into the fit, comfort, and quality of the bra.

Summary of Reviews:

  • Fit and Comfort: Most reviewers find the bra true to size and comfortable. Several customers mention wearing it for extended periods without discomfort, highlighting good uplift and support without underwires.
  • Positive Experiences: Many users express satisfaction with the product, praising its comfort and fit. One customer, in particular, appreciates the assistance received at a store in finding the correct size, noting that the bra felt perfect after a few wears.
  • Mixed Opinions: While the majority of the reviews are positive, there are mixed opinions. One user finds the bra to be the most comfortable they’ve ever had, while another expresses disappointment, stating that the bra stretches out after one wear and doesn’t stay in place.
  • Negative Feedback: A few customers have less favorable experiences. One mentions that the bra doesn’t work well for larger busts, with issues like gaps under the arms and visible lines under clothing. Another criticizes the sizing as confusing and the overall quality as not justifying the price.
  • Sizing Feedback: The reviews on sizing are varied, with one customer finding it runs too small, seven saying it’s true to size, and two feeling it runs too big.

Based on the overall positive feedback, with most customers finding the bra comfortable and well-fitting, but also considering the few negative experiences, the e-shop could be rated around 87% on a scale from 0% to 100%. This score reflects the high overall satisfaction among customers, despite some issues raised by a minority of reviewers.

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Ratings & Reviews Honeylove bra [online]. [cited 08. 01. 2024]. Available from: https://www.dillards.com/p/honeylove-wire-free-crossover-bra/516570009

Expert video reviews

INSTAGRAM MADE ME BUY IT | HONEYLOVE BRAS - YouTube [online]. [cited 08. 01. 2024]. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbCEFoInfs4

HONEY LOVE - Trying "Everyday" Shapewear, is it worth it? - YouTube [online]. [cited 08. 01. 2024]. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiXim3hDS7A

HONEYLOVE TRY ON REVIEW - YouTube [online]. [cited 2024 Jan 08]. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZox4bRW154

Honeylove V-Neck Bra Review | The Perfect Wireless Lifting Bra: Comfort and Support - YouTube [online]. [cited 2024 Jan 08]. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckG0868iIeY

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