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Description Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is a major American ultra low-cost carrier headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Frontier operates flights to over 100 destinations throughout the United States and 31 international destinations, and employs more than 3,000 staff.

Main advantages

  • Affordable fares
  • Flights cover many popular destinations
  • Smooth check-in and boarding
  • Low prices
  • Members of the Discount Den club offers kids fly free on select days
  • Non-Stop flights to certain destinations

Main disadvantages

  • A not-so-comfortable flying experience
  • Bags, Seats, Extras are not included in price
  • No snack or drink service on flight (it is available for purchase)
  • Cancelations/Delays due to small amount of daily flight options

Expert reviews

50 %

Frontier Airlines

2.5 out of 5 based on 18,805 reviews

Customer: Went on Cheap chose the best deal and proceeded to buy. After thinking I was all set, the flight cost $267 more to buy my seat and luggage. For some reason, the seats remind me of the seats at the DMV. This is no way to travel. Never use Frontier Airlines until they’re more honest and transparent about their fees. Not this shyster BS they run.

Ella: The flight was delayed for more than 2 hours and the customer service agent & supervisor did not do anything to help us feel better after that worst experience we had! Frontier is cheap, not the fare but their service is very CHEAP! Both flights back and forth were delayed! Chicago to Orlando delayed by almost 3 hours. Orlando to Chicago delayed by more than 30 mins! We were hoping for an airline credit since they had a problem with their plane and affected us especially our plans on that day but when we called, they said they couldn’t do anything or give anything to show their sincere apologies! FRONTIER ONLY WANTS YOUR MONEY! SERVICE IS VERY CHEAP and the PLANE IS VERY CHEAP as well!

Ryan: Missed my flight due to a booking error and they were able to get me on another flight the next day no questions asked. Thanks for the great service.

Jimbo: Spent all day trying to simply change a flight from one date to another. When called they suggested that I go online to change the flight to a different date. The agent said that the fee would be $49.00. When the change was made I found that the fee plus the new fare was much higher than the fare one could get by simply booking again and not using the existing ticket. Upon realizing this we tried to undo the booking, but then Frontier charged an additional $198 to undo the booking we just made. Total cost to change the fee was three times what a regular ticket would have cost. when we called customer services and bumped the issue up to supervisor, the were totally unhelpful and unresponsive. I’ll never fly this airline again!

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Frontier Airlines: Customer Reviews

2 out of 10 based on 2 509 reviews

William: Worst airline in existence. No customer service, no concern for their mistake. NO communication and customer service manager said “this problem is not the first nor last time this will happen”. They did not want to right their wrong at the airport or on the phone. They could care less.

Andrew: Absolute worst airline I have ever flown and I will never fly them ever again. Flight price was $193 for 2 travelers one way, which was a good price, but then you have to buy your seat, you have to pay to check a bag, and you have to pay more for a carry-on bag. We are now close to $400 for our flight. Then we notice that my wife’s name is not spelled correctly, so we change the name and then get charged the next day on our credit card an additional $212 to change her name. The original flight was only $193, but we are charged $212 to change her name. Apparently $75 to make the change and then an additional $137 increase on the flight price. Called Frontier to complain and I was told that name change charges are non refundable even though we think the mistake was on their end. As for the rest of the flight, check in staff were rude, plane was uncomfortable. The whole experience was the worst I have ever had on any flight and I will never fly Frontier Airlines ever again.

Ken: I have not gone yet but just found out it’s going to cost me $20 more to fly 3 bags from Cincinnati to Tampa than it’s going to cost to fly 3 people. So basically it would be cheaper to buy a seat for my luggage than to have it stowed. Went to cancel the flight because of this and found out that would actually cost me more than it would be to keep the flight at this point. Can someone make all this make sense?

Cherrell: New Orleans to Raleigh. Bad first experience flying with Frontier. Really cheap flights but they make you pay for your carry on bags. Front desk attendants that does check in to aboard was very rude and disrespectful. We was talked to with no respect and kept being asked back to the front to verify that we paid for bags. They almost made us miss the flight on purpose. I will never book with this airline again.

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Frontier Airlines

3.6 out of 5 based on 1,240 reviews

Sonia: I booked a flight to Cancun for my sister’s wedding I checked in online we got to the baggage drop off and agent 4946 checked our bags in as well as canceled our flight and booked us on the next day flight without telling us or us knowing anything about it. Once we got to the gate to board our flight the agent stated we were not able to board our flight because the agent had canceled our flight! at this point, we were in shock, disappointed and anxiety immediately kicked in. The agent told us to step aside as she was the only person working the gate.

Linette: I chose Frontier initially because they seemed to have a better price than most competitors. I was booking a round-trip flight for my son. I had been searching flights for the better part of the day and was relieved to make my selection. My first disappointment… you had to pay additionally for a seat, no not an upgraded seat but a seat period. Standing was not an option so I selected the seat, but wait… I had to pay for a seat on each plane because of course this was not a direct flight. I had to pay for both planes on the return as well. Then it gets better. I had to pay for bags. I get checked bags as this is becoming somewhat the norm but no… I had to pay for his carry-on as well.

Allison: Frontier changed our flights and didn’t have alternatives to offer us (no flights out for three days)…unless you count a 17+ hour overnight layover in another city (and no, they don’t offer a hotel). They say you can cancel and receive a travel voucher but apparently you have to use it within 90 days. So basically, they change your flights, make sure you’re good and stranded and then offer a travel voucher that is good for a measly 3 months. Seems like a scam if I ever heard one.

Eric: I purchased an upgraded window seat #2A. On arrival the people assigned to 2B/2C were sitting in 2A & 2C. These persons were of a very large size by width and essentially eliminated the middle seat with their size making it impossible for me to take my window seat. Ultimately I ended up being offered the aisle seat #2C but because of the size of these people I was only able to use 2/3 of the seat and the arm rest to separate the seats was well behind the person next to me. I spent the entire flight folded over on myself with these persons entire arm resting on my arm and chest. At times I could feel the perspiration building up between our skins. Not only did I not get the upgraded seat I paid for, I did not even get a full seat.

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What to Know Before Flying Frontier Airlines, According to Passenger Reviews

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Frontier Airlines is a low-cost carrier serving more than 90 destinations across the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America. If you’re a budget traveler, you’re probably familiar with the airline’s super-low fares, but first-time Frontier fliers might be wondering if there’s a catch to those affordable tickets. Like most budget airlines, low fares often mean fewer inclusions, with extra costs for baggage, seat selection, and more. Of course, that low fare is worth the hassle of understanding the additional fees for some travelers, so we’re breaking down the basics and checking out Frontier Airlines reviews to help you decide if it’s the right airline for your next trip.

Beyond the flight logistics and fees, there are a few fun facts to know about Frontier Airlines. It’s “America’s greenest airline,” as it has an average 43% fuel savings compared to other American carriers. Plus, every airplane features an animal on its tail to bring awareness to these creatures and their environments. Read full review…

Frontier Airlines Reviews: What to Know Before You Fly. Travel + Leisure: Travel Reviews, News, Guides & Tips [online].
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Frontier Airlines

1.2 out of 5 based on 364 reviews

Bill: My girlfriend booked our round trip Frontier tickets and she did not add my pre check number so I called frontier airlines to add it to my ticket and the foreigner agent with such a hard accent said he added it it to my ticket and I asked to get it sent to me but they sent it to my girlfriend instead and did not add my pre check number so when I tried to call them but they would not answer and I had to wait in line and remove my shoes and then they Harassed me after I went through the metal detector and said that I needed to be searched which would never happen with my Pre Check. Frontier is horrible!

Kristen: I am so dissatisfied and disappointed with Frontier. I can’t understand why a business would send a customer an email with a credit expiration date of 8/31/22, and when that customer tries to book using that credit on 8/31/22…she is told it expired on 8/30/22. Wait. What? Even when I sent a copy of the email I was told I could not use it, because they were following “policy”. Wait. What? They would have gotten more of my money because I was going to buy the upgrade package.
I just don’t understand.

Liz: Customer service is basically nonexistent! Seats are very uncomfortable very close together but for a short flight departing from a very close airport to where we live we put up with it. They come around scamming you to buy their credit card so you can earn points and to join their den club for discounts. Now they have canceled all their flights to Fort Myers and Miami. We now have a ton of points that will not get used. I will no longer be booking with frontier EVER nor will I be using their credit card.

Richard: My flight from Orlando to Belize was cancelled 2 months before it was due. No option to move to another day or airline just a refund or voucher (no chance I want a voucher for these chancers). My reason for being in Orlando from the UK was to get the flight to Belize, so now I have to find a flight via somewhere else at ridiculous prices. If you want to get somewhere book with one of the bigger airlines as this lot are just too unreliable.

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Frontier Airlines [online].
78 %

Frontier Airlines Review: Everything you must know in 2022!

Frontier Airlines is worth it when considering the incredibly low-priced ticket packages. If you can work your way around their ‘not-so-loved’ cancellation and baggage policies, you’ll have a good flying experience. Besides, you’ll save a lot of time and money when you fly with Frontier Airlines. Read full review…

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