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Crepe Erase

Description Crepe Erase

Crépe Erase is a body cream that promises to improve the signs of crepey skin. The infomercials show dramatic before and after photos, where skin that formerly looked as creased as an accordion becomes smooth and soft. The products have moisturizers to help you get rid of signs of aging & repair the look of loose, crepey skin on your neck, chest, arms and legs.

Main advantages

  • Provides 60-days money-back guarantee.
  • Provides the skin with intense hydration.
  • The product may make the skin appear firmer and tighter.
  • The anti-aging cream can make your skin more youthful-looking.

Main disadvantages

  • High prices.
  • Many customers do not see a difference in their skin.
  • Reviews are mixed.
  • Crepe erase is technically not targeting deeper wrinkles.

Expert reviews

80 %

Crepe Erase Review

After reading many Crepe Erase reviews, we think their products are worth trying. Many satisfied customers loved how their skin felt after using the products. Now more than ever we deal with dry skin and products like Crepe Erase can help with that. If there are amazing ingredients then it’s an even bigger plus. Of course, there are hundreds of other brands out there promising to tackle dry skin. It will come down to each individual why and which brand they choose for their skin problems.

Overall, we think the products are worthwhile if you’re looking for something suitable for your dry skin. Read full review…

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34 %

Crepe Erase Review

1.7 out of 5 based on 21 reviews

Linda: I ordered for 39.99, then didn’t really see much of a result. Then I get a big box, with bigger everything and says I owe 200 dollars! Shows I’m on auto ship. I called and cancelled but I have to pay shipping back to them! I never signed up for this! I was so upset. Don’t waste your money! It says you need to use both the exfoliator and the cream every day for 8 weeks to see a difference. That will be impossible especially the time consuming routine. This is not a fair company.

Debra: No product works for everyone. I’ve tried both Crepe Erase and Advanced Dermatology products. I live in Colorado and it is a very dry climate; I love the Advanced Dermatology line but it doesn’t hydrate enough for this climate. The Crepe Erase is more hydrating but it is not a cure all. A lot of individuals don’t take their current skin condition, lifestyle and genetics into account when buying products to fit their needs. A bit of research prior to purchase doesn’t hurt.

April: I’m on week 4, it hydrates very well and rubs in very well too. DO NOT go out in the sun without a very high SPF. My face felt like it was on FIRE. The exfoliating face scrub makes my skin very dry… Everything else is nice, there’s no such thing as a cure all.

Lori: If u watch the commercials closely u will notice a soft, blurred lens is used on the close ups……similar 2 what was used on Mae West her 80s when she made Sextet. The women in the commercials don’t even look real. If the stuff actually worked it wouldn’t be offered as an “as seen on television” product.

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36 %

Customer Reviews – Crepe Erase

1.8 out of 5 based on 155 reviews

Lydia: I gave Crepe Erase a try, but did not notice any improvement except for my clothes getting sticky if I put them on too quickly after applying the same. The price is outrageous for a bogus product. I called to cancel, but they continued to insist that I owed them money. DO NOT order this product because it does not work. Don’t waste your money.

Damon: I didn’t realize I was joining some ridiculous membership, resent their approach to business, and regret giving my credit card info. They couldn’t care less, and refused to cancel my order until three monthly installments or the whole amount for 3 months had been paid.

Sally: The product is fine, however, I don’t use it enough to get it every month and want to stop the re-occurring shipment and payment. I need to stop the reoccurring purchase and having a difficult time. If anyone can assist, please email me ASAP!

Tina: I purchased these products two months ago, I use all the products for my arms. I exfoliate and spent 30 minutes twice a day. Did nothing, absolutely nothing. I want a refund immediately.

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80 %

Crepe Erase Review | Is it a Scam or One of the Best Skin Creams?

It seems Crepe Erase receives a similar response to other anti-aging and skin firming creams. Some people say it works amazingly well, while others say it makes no difference at all.

The biggest complaint we saw, other than answering negatively to “Does Crepe Erase work,” is the recurring billing. People that didn’t read the fine print on the company’s website were not happy to get billed again 12 weeks later for another shipment they didn’t think they ordered.

So, the fact they didn’t think the product worked was compounded by what they thought was a recurring billing scam.

We found in a Crepe Erase review of their website that the fact that they use a recurring subscription model is clearly mentioned both on the order page and in their FAQ’s.

People expecting miracles might be disappointed, but for a moderate improvement in the tone and wrinkling of crepe skin, the product does seem to work for a good number of users. Whether it’s worth the price over another crepe skin cream is up to you.

Crepe Erase isn’t the cheapest firming cream out there, but it’s in the general ballpark of the same types of anti-aging creams as far as cost.

The company does offer a fairly risk-free way to try the product for up to 60 days, less the shipping/handling cost. Just be aware of the recurring billing and how to stop it when you want to by contacting their customer service.

So if you’re really interested to see if you’ll be one of the “success stories” for Crepe Erase, you can try it out and return it if you don’t like it, a deal that not all similar products offer. Read full review…

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80 %

Crepe Erase Reviews: Does It Really Work?

Crepe Erase had mixed reviews, so if you are feeling cautious, it may be worth it to stick to your typical skincare routine.

However, if you want to try something new, Crepe Erase has brought better-looking skin to many customers, and our Crepe Erase Reviews outline those successes! Read full review…

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60 %

Crépe Erase Review: Effective or Useless for Skin Aging?

Crépe Erase makes well-formulated products but some rather strange health claims. Not only does the brand reference a trademarked “TruFirm Complex” that doesn’t appear to be in their most popular products, but they also make reference to clinical research unpublished in any medical journals, and without sharing any of the data, which we find to be an ethical red flag.

Their face and neck creams contain many effective botanical ingredients for reducing visible signs of skin aging, and the brand may be a good option for consumers more focused on aesthetic appearance than health or ethics.

We don’t recommend the brand due to the labeling issue and inclusion of preservatives, but their products definitely appear to be above average for the industry in regard to formulation efficacy. There’s no doubt this is a brand that takes their product research seriously.

Oral collagen supplementation at 10 g daily, combined with avoidance of sun on facial skin, may be a cheaper and healthier option than expensive face creams for long-term skin benefit. Read full review…

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90 %

Crepe Erase

4.5 out of 5 based on 1,106 reviews

Stella: Once you get started you can’t compare to any other products! I love it all! It’s an amazing product! You notice a difference in your skin and my makeup looks amazing after I scrub and moisturize.

Patty: I thought this stuff was too good to be true, but after using it a few times, I am amazed at the difference in my skin on my neck!

Diana: I do not like the advanced crepe erase and the old one should not have been removed from your product list. I will no longer use your products and I have been using crepe erase for years. I do not like the way it sits on your skin it is too dry in comparison to the old product. It’s really too bad because I was a life long member.

Tena: I’m using for over a month and I’m not seeing too much difference. I need more time to evaluate the product.

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40 %

Crepe Erase Review: The Only Anti-Aging Body Treatment You Need?

The bottom line here, after the research I have done, is that I would not recommend Crepe Erase to a friend.

Customer reviews, in the main, are negative. There is no scientific back up that this product will work.

From customer complaints, the customer services are widely criticized, as are the companies advertising practices.

Even if the product does work, one of my main concerns is the auto ship that you cannot opt out of until after you order. Then you have to call customer services and this process appears to be less than successful.

Crepe Erase does seem to work for some people. Personally I would opt for a cheaper moisturizer from my local store. I might even invest in visiting a professional for more invasive treatment. Read full review…

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