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CarShield offers customizable vehicle service contracts that cover new and used cars against malfunctions or breakdowns. CarShield also provides 24/7 roadside assistance, towing and rental vehicles.

Main advantages

  • Makes direct payments to repair facilities.
  • Roadside assistance included.
  • Most service contracts can transfer to new vehicle owner.

Main disadvantages

  • Poor BBB rating.
  • Rental car reimbursement only comes with some plans.
  • Many complaints about advertising practices.

Expert reviews

80 %


4.0 out of 5 based on 31,864 reviews

Laurence: Car Shield only paid for an after market compressor which sounds like it will have to replaced upon failure. I give the moaning, struggling units life expectancy three weeks. I could have paid the difference between the piece of junk and the cars’ brand for about $900 more. Car Shield also excluded Freon from a compressor replacement which is required for it to run. This doesn’t make sense!

Don: I have tried to use car shield for several things and each time the part was not covered. Hence the word in their ads “covered parts” they keep repeating. Even on an AC issue. Oh that part isn’t covered. Also had a thermostat issue, again not covered. Going to keep it a little longer and see if it is worth the money.

Paul: My vehicle has been out of factory warranty for some time now and my CarShield protection plan gives me a peace of mind that if I’m in need of major repairs I won’t have to come out of pocket to pay for everything.

James: My vehicle was wrecked and when I called CarShield about getting a rental the customer service rep was very helpful and took care of me every step of the process. Great customer service.

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88 %

Carshield Reviews

4.4 out of 5 based on 2,206 reviews

Donald: Carshield is a good thing to have. Advertised as seen on tv. Carshield came in handy at the right time, it helped us out in a big way. Carshield worked with repair shop with no confusion or complications, everything went smoothly. I recommend Carshield it will save you money.

Harry: CarShield had us covered from beginning to end. The car dealership that tried to rip us off And buy a whole new engine when we didn’t need it all. We needed was a fuel pump not a whole new engine. Thankfully thanks to Carshield our car is back up and running and I don’t need to dish out $8000 for a whole new engine.

Anthony: I called to cancel. When talking to rep. She was persistent in me keeping CarShield. I was in process of buying a new car.. I have no use when buying a new car. I said my payment is automatic and wanted the payment returned. She said CarShield does not give refunds. I ask to speak to supervisor. The supervisor said they will look into it. It’s been 3 months since I closed my account.

Peggy: Brittany was very helpful in giving me information about your vendors. This was my first experience with CarShield. I would definitely recommend your services to my friends. She was very polite & helpful. I’m glad I responded to your advertisement on TV.

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3.7 out of 5 based on 269 reviews

Michelle: CarShield was ok with me at first until they took an unauthorized payment from my account!!!! I was manually making my own payments. I go online to check my bank account and they have snatched a payment.!!! I called and they say it’s mandatory to have automatic payments? This was never discussed with me when I bought the warranty. If so I would’ve never bought the warranty. I’m saying all this to say they are not to be trusted !!! Now I have to dispute this payment with my bank!!

Andy: Maybe I’m different. I read the contract and understand the service requirements specified by the auto manufacturer and, that I may need to provide proof that required maintenance and services are kept up to date. SO, my transmission caused a problem within the first month of my CarShield coverage. The repair shop called CarShield and the repairs were made and paid for by CarShield. They do what they say they will do and I feel comfortable with their service agreement.

Brian: I just joined carshield, but what I can say is their customer service was amazing they worked with me to find the best deal for me. Plus they answered every question that I had so it was a pleasure talking to them. Is the anything that you could fix I don’t know yet but as time goes on Maybe I will.

Melissa: The wait on the phone to speak with a representative is not long. The reps were patient and pleasant to work with. The reps explained the service I was getting and did not rush me.I was told of different discounts and how the policy payments would be. I am resting assured knowing CarShield will be protecting my car no matter the mileage and I have road side service with them.

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CarShield Reviews: 2022 Guide

CarShield is the largest vehicle service contract company in the nation and has options for drivers looking for low monthly payments and plans that don’t expire. CarShield contracts renew every month, and your vehicle coverage continues even after expensive repairs. Many CarShield reviews compliment the company’s great customer service. Read full review…

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84 %

CarShield Review

4.2 out of 5 

CarShield’s pricing on its warranty plans was the reason we named it Most Affordable among providers in our review.

Although the company has received complaints, CarShield reviews are predominantly positive, and the company has a good name in the industry. Considering CarShield is one of the best extended warranty companies and says it has covered more than 1 million vehicles in 16 years, a few hundred negative comments barely make a dent in the company’s reputation. Read full review…

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5 out of 5 based on 5,638 reviews

Jodi: CarShield gives me peace of mind fo my car. If you have a problem with your car CarShield always comes.

Dolores: I’m so glad I decided to get car shield. I just moved and with that expense, having car shield saved my life and my budget. Perfect choice. 

Daniel: While they are great at what they do, several times I did have to explain to them certain things that I did need to have done based on the service I was having done. They were unfamiliar with some of the procedures in order to complete the work.

Rodger: Everything as advertised! Thanks Car Shield!

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76 %


3.8 out of 5 based on 358 reviews

Bruce: This installs on my phone, but the print is so small I am unable to read it. I tried installing it on my 10″ tablet, but it says it’s unavailable for the device. But I can install all sorts of other android apps on my tablet. So, it’s not really useful.

Rocky: Its ok nothing special could be much better i search in the app for a macanic in my area and it pulls up grocery stores so I guess grocery stores fixes cars now plus on TV it says you get to pick any macanic you want thats not true I tried it only has to be one that accepts carshield and in my area only 2 macanics accepts carshield not even the dealer will and I wanted it to be the dealer.

Dennis: This covers most costs at s repair shop. The out of pocket that you pay the difference is also expensive. But thanks to this coverage you’re not paying all the bill.

Daniel: I had no problem with the service just customer support. I tried canceling the service it took 8 minutes of her talking over me for her to start the canceling process. Then she had an irritated response when asked a question and hung up. I did get the cancelation but the retention program needs an overhaul.

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