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Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer and a prominent cloud service provider. Online store belonging to the American company, Inc. based in Seattle, Washington.

Main advantages

  • Wide sortiment.
  • 2018 Customer Choice Winner.
  • Lower prices.

Main disadvantages

  • Some reviews can be fake.
  • Lower quality.

Expert reviews

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4.1 out of 5 based on 9,606 reviews

Ken: Extremely disappointed in Amazon ethics! The box arrives with obvious signs of being opened (picture) previously. Even of a portion of the box label had been removed. Once I opened it, original packaging was missing and it even included an instruction manual (picture) for a completely different cooker!

Christopher: Offered a promo for downloading their app and signing in for the first time with it. Did just that and I got a notification stating that my promo was denied. Contacted customer support and was informed of certain other “criteria” that was never initially stated. Went up to an alleged supervisor and he didn’t solve the issue. Asked to speak to his boss and was denied. Have screenshot proof of the entire thing.

Marvin: I spend thousands of dollars a year on Amazon and order many products most are good but every once in a while you get trash. Try to write a one star review and they don’t allow you to post. So basically they cleanse reviews which to me is a joke. So don’t trust the review and I stopped reviewing products that I purchased because of this unethical behavior by their review teams. Just wish they would stop sending me emails to review products i purchased waste of my time.

Mary: I received a package today from Amazon that was atrocious. Why would a driver leave such a package on my doorstep. You want to know why because he didn’t give a damn and calling Amazon to report him is like pulling teeth you have all these international customer service people who can care less of what you are complaining about. I’m going to think long and hard before ordering from them. Had to be a crack head.

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1.7 out of 5 based on 1,393 reviews

Casara: It would appear from Amazon, I’ve never placed an order, so no wonder I can’t find info on items that have been paid for but not received. I WON’T be ordering from this dodgy company again. You can’t even talk to anyone online to follow up. Americans may be happy with this company, but they literally don’t deliver the goods.

Justin: Ordered an item 2 weeks ago (amazon themselves were the seller) and was repeatedly told it would ship but never did. Was lied to on 7 different occasions by 7 different staff members all contradicting each other. In the end I had to cancel the order due to no idea if I’d ever get it.

John: When purchasing an item from Amazon be very careful as Amazon Music Billing may start automatically.

Mark: Their site security is woeful and their support staff openly lie about what they will do. Offered but then refused a refund on aconfirmed fraudulent transaction because it was ‘a huge amount’. Their call centre operators bounce you around from one person to another and they refuse to provide an enail address to present a claim.

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Amazon reviews

1.7 out of 5 based on 20,767 reviews

Mark: I have no understanding why people engage with the likes of Amazon and Apple. Another example of Amazon’s arrogance is to discontinue support for kindle. They clearly don’t care about their customers.

Irish: Too bad I can’t leave 0 stars. Drivers for Amazon lie about either making successful deliveries or they lie about the reason why they were unable to make a delivery. For instance saying they could not get to the office of an apartment complex because of a locked gate when there is no gate. I refuse to pay for Bezos to go to space when his company has no accountability or integrity.

Tony: That’s true don’t take no notice of bad reviews. I have a out door camera no help with it customer service is bad can not read the code in camera. Why they don’t put it on a card in the box I don’t no I can not scan it won’t work. The time I spent to day to sort it can not won’t be buying another blink camera.

Caroleanne: I feel I am getting more and issues with this company. If you leave a review that they don’t like they won’t let you leave reviews. I spend a lot of my money with this company and also have many devices and prime and Amazon music. You should be allowed to give you honest opinions but does not seem that way. They need to buck there ideas up or I won’t be shopping there in the future.

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Amazon [online].
78 %

3.9 out of 5 based on 889 reviews

Tamera: A person does need to be careful what they purchase on Amazon. I read the information extensively before I click the process button. Making sure you are purchasing what you think you are purchasing is very important. Looking around and checking prices to make sure you couldn’t get a better deal elsewhere, but also taking into consideration what it would cost to have it shipped from another company. Amazon has a great selection of practically anything a person could want. I love how I buy anything from books to clothing to groceries.

Bob: I’ve been an Amazon customer for 12 years, and a Prime member for about 10. Until now, I’ve had few problems with the company. I’m not a serious reviewer. Over these years, I’ve written a total of 96 reviews for products. (This nowhere near matches the amount of product I’ve bought from them, I just don’t write reviews for everything I buy).

Maureen: Amazon has recently begun to stop some of their customers the ability to review products with no explanation why they aren’t allowed to review it. The net result of this will be an inability to trust the validity of any reviews they “allow” to be posted.

Karen: I ordered specifically from Amazon (at a higher cost) since they could deliver the item by the time I needed it, whereas the supplier would take a week to deliver. After placing the order on Amazon (with indicated order window), the delivery day was not met and updated to after it would have been delivered by the supplier.

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3.5 out of 5 based on 20,249 reviews

Francisca: I have ordered more than fifty books on Amazon, price ranging Rs700/- and above whereas books purchased in India can be procured 150/- and above on the higher side. Even then Amazon does not make any allowance for the customer, does not take into account any emergency that the customer may face and reconsider the return period of even a day. Does not create any goodwill for a long standing customer. I don’t think this speaks well in a business line.

Jerry: I’m tired of the customer service treating me like idiots not getting the things I ordered. I’m tired of the customer service telling me just keep waiting just keep waiting just keep waiting the knife says it’ll be here tomorrow it should be here tomorrow not 5 days later not 7 days later it’s certainly not 10 days later!

Thomas: Never face any issue with there service always finds its good I am a happy customer I always got good quality from you guys in cheap rates.

Bruce: Best best best I love it no hateness only love love and love thanks for your help I really appreciate you services.

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1.2 out of 5 based on 2,328 reviews

Beth: The customer service has gone down hill over the past year. I have tried several times to speak with customer service regarding return issues, but they give me the run- around. I can speak with anyone and no one fixes the issue. I have been a customer for 10 years. I have canceled my membership.

Mark: I have cancelled my account because they are selling white privilege cards. This is racist. Furthermore, I was told me to just not buy them. However, I cannot do business with a company that is going to promote this. I have done a lot of business with them. However, I will take my business somewhere else.

Rachelle: I’m having an issue in that my app that is on the phone shows one thing whereas when I log in on my laptop it shows another. I called and was hung up on twice! The second time it was because their system could not authenticate me and instead of escalating it she hung up. They have lost a Prime member customer. They need to do a much better job of supervising their customer service Representatives. Horrible horrible rude people!

Maria: This company is a nightmare to deal with. They lose your items and you get nothing. Their site tells you oh were so sorry your package is so late you may now request a refund. This takes you to a page of no where. I truly wish I had gone and looked for my things in person. Amazon is unreliable, they have horrible customer service and packages are always late. Theyre so big they dont care if they lose a couple of customers and show you that to your face.

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